This Roulette Strategy Is Working – Gambler Was Banned For It!

The winning series of a lucky stiff, who had beat several casinos at once, was suddenly interrupted by the unexpected ban on the most popular online gambling medium. It grabbed the headlines of the recent American gambling media.

In fact, it goes like this. Just recently, only a couple of months ago, a real mega-destroyer of myths and super-gambler, who did not leave the casino without a large sum, appeared. He raised quite a stir after he had announced the amount of his winnings during this period online. It was as much as $ 200,000! Can you imagine a $ 200 thousand for a couple of months, playing only roulette?!

Until recently this lucky stiff with the nickname MegaRush1 wanted to remain anonymous, but he claimed that he had have invented a brilliant win-win system of the roulette game. But in spite of the wishes of the player the frustrated managers of the casinos still decided to voice the name of the persona non grata, to protect not only themselves, but also their “colleagues”. So, the public learned the name of the genius, and it’s an ordinary 43-year-old electrical engineer from Dallas named Sean Morris.

After his name became the main sensation of the past few weeks, every news edition has tried to get an exclusive interview and declassify the secret of his incredible success in the destruction of the casinos. Mr. Morris has decided not to turn into a star of the tabloids and to talk with some people who could objectively tell his story “above the system”, so he gave an interview only to a correspondent of The New York Times.


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How has it started?

Mr. Sean Morris began his story exactly from the preconditions that had influenced the invention of his own roulette game system.

“For more than 20 years already I have been a regular casino client and I love to play not only in luxurious atmosphere with constant rumble of the one-armed bandits and screaming of the happy beginners, who were lucky to win a couple of bucks at the poker table. I often indulge myself with the online sessions in the popular virtual casinosAnd now I do not lose a cent!

But it so happened that previously I had often watched how the “system” were bleeding white even the most experienced players, because every stickman or dealer, every roulette wheel and every slot machine are programmed to rob visitors to build up the capital of the and casino owners. And I left the whole salary there myself…

The winners are not beneficial to the casino system, they need the losers who are constantly trying to win back their ten dollars, losing hundreds and thousands at the same time. And this, unfortunately, has become the norm for the majority of gamblers. We’re just resigned to the fact that one cannot win without the lost. And only now I can scream loudly with confidence that it’s possible to win without any losses!”

According to the author of the mega-winning technique, it’ possible to beat roulette with every rotation and to forget even about small loss. But how is this possible? Let’s deal…

“… The thing which really agitates me is the reluctance of the casino owners to pay up to the visitors who form their personal bank. For example, when I was humbly cleaned out, all casinos, where I had been, always courted me and licked as a regular customer. But when I won a series of 6 winning bets, getting only $ 26 thousand, I was immediately looked askance, and the next time I was not allowed to enter the casino. And such a disgusting story repeated in every casino.

Moreover, the majority of corrupt experts who work on the order of the same gambling mega-corporations, writes that the roulette is a real game of chance, and the winning depends on some kind of Dame Fortune. Devil a bit!

The roulette is a closed mathematical system, which, if desired, can be solved! And I have done it! My win-win system at roulette is based solely on the probability theory connected with translational mathematical calculations.

I spent almost 20 years on searching of the ideal win-win formula that would work in all conditions and with all rates. Now I can speak with confidence about my research and game success. And the best proofs are the same prohibitions, because of which I cannot go to any one land-based casino in America now.

Of course, my winnings are not as large as the lottery jackpots or isolated incidents of luck in thecasino, but my system is universal and it can be used countless times, earning the desired amount. I did not immediately gather my capital. It took years of attempts and mistakes, there were heavy losses. But with the discovery of the formula I started getting money every day, though it was a modest $ 2-3 thousand a day, but this income was stable. Already in the first week I got $ 12 thousand. This was the beginning for me.

But I was not careful, the money had turned my head, and I started to rob casinos intensively, and this attracted the unwanted attention of the safety managers. My favorite casino North American Gaming became the first victim. I was kicked out already on the third day. And much as I begged the managers to explain their ban, they just turned away from me and slammed the doors.

Fortunately, we have a lot of casinos in the city, and even more of them on the Internet. I moved there. I collected most of my capital on the online sites. My biggest daily winning was $ 4.8 thousand. It was phenomenal! But nothing lasts forever; I was banned there too…”


And what’s the catch?

Mr. Sean Morris did not agree to open all his secrets to the newspaper, because he is going to publish his own book with a detailed description of his win-win strategy of roulette “Conditional Roulette: The End of the Game”. But he shared some ideas which will help you to invent a similar miracle yourselves.

“So, what I will call the Conditional Game is purely a mathematical interdependent system where every bet creates a new system which is easy to calculate. The most important thing is to remember about the constancy of rates. If they go way up, there is only an equal percentage. Thus each series of victories must submit a specific numerical progression.

More detailed calculations of my formula can be found in my book, which will blow the gaming world, because now the casinos will not be able to hide their cheating system”.

Moreover, this incredible lucky stiff notes that such a win-win formula can be designed for any game algorithms. In the future a similar system may appear for online video slots too.