Treasures in gambling ocean

Treasures in gambling ocean Portal Mazal


Whoever complained about the deleterious impact of gambling could never challenge the fact that it is passion that makes people chase a ghostly chance to catch their luck. Passion is the most natural thing about our character. I mean, there is not a single person today who never tried his luck at playing cards, games like Mafia or Monopoly and who never visited an online casino, at least for the sake of idle curiosity.

What attracts them all? – The pry and excitement that fulfils each of us! Many people come to thecasino… and many remain – and only the most gambling natures persistently chase the fortune and, let’s face it, – it is rewarding! What a strong belief in the Lady Luck people have! Let’s dig the reasons up.


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Excitement from the depths of the centuries…

We know that the first gambling came from ancient times … still how far ancient are they? The first record of the horse hauls in ancient China dates back to the year of 2300 BC. Well, that was the prototype of the modern races with betting and fans. In the year of 200 BC Egypt was the first to start up a network of gambling houses along the Nile. Moreover, who would have thought that the most popular game in there was a prototype of modern chess – “Wolves and jackals”? Another their game of “Maurice” resembles modern “Monopoly” incredibly.

A bit later, the Emperor Claudius popularised Backgammon throughout the Roman Empire. Although the game was called “Tabula”, the rules remained unchanged up till present days.

First game cards came up in 1374 from Spain. Each deck of cards was carefully hand drawn and only the aristocracy could afford them. Only a century later in France, they became colourful and popular among the peasants. However, in India, cards are still round.

Wonder why the slot machines are often associated with candies and fruits? That’s cause the first slots appeared in the US in 1897, and by the 1910 the government decided to ban them. On the very case the entrepreneurs reacted extremely witty and began to issue chewing gum instead of real money winnings.

From Mormon to the capital of gambling. Yes, Las Vegas was once a territory without alcohol andgambling. Can you believe that?


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Gambling psychology 

Relaxed and festive atmosphere of celebration and entertainment – is only the front side of the coin. The reverse side of the casino hides tiny tricks and psychological manipulations that just beckon beginners and regular players.

The casino chips are an essential attribute. They are an age-old tradition and unobtrusive gimmick, because the coloured toy plates are much easier to leave for a person than do the same to hard-earned money.

The atmosphere of the casino is magical, it is breathtaking, and aims to make visitors stay longer in a state of ecstasy, and not to be distracted from the game there is one tradition «no clock, no windows» in casinos. Even the dealer and service personnel are not allowed to wear watches or tell the accurate time to gamblers. Nothing should distract the player from the process.

The same thing applies to gaming tables colour (soothing blue and green), and comfortable chairs with a soft carpet on the floor.

The casino clients are always offered something free: a bottle of whiskey or a private dance show. Well, who now wouldn’t get back to such a place?!

What if the luck is on the client’s side or he’s already on the verge of a huge win? The casino has some tricks for such cases as well. To turn a good fortune away from too lucky player personnel makes little tricks that irritate the visitor, make him nervous and not attentive to common mistakes. So, the casino administration can often change the dealer, waiters begin awkwardly wiping tables or change ashtrays and even the security guard can stay right over the shoulder. Who would like such things?

Yet, the world of gambling is a broad ocean of possibilities, where the most persistent catch their luck and find real treasures.