Women and Blackjack: Is It Possible

Have you ever been to a casino? Or you have maybe watched movies about casinos? Do you remember some of them? Okay, close your eyes and try to imagine a casino. Who do you see playing roulette or blackjack? – That’s right, men! Most women don’t visit casinos. Even if they do, they go there with men. Have you ever thought why?

Well, our society has negative attitude towards gambling. Femininity can’t be combined with gambling. Single lady coming to a casino would be considered as a prostitute. Nobody would think that she just wants to play slots or roulette. Women are aware of such thinking. Therefore they don’t go to casinos.

That’s why we have the stereotype that women don’t understand anything in gambling. There are many articles dedicated to the women’s nature. Authors try to prove that women’s nature doesn’t favor risk. Moreover they say that women’s brain is not capable of mastering all rules of casino games. They also claim that women’s intuition doesn’t work under pressure. Well, this is real bullshit! The only thing that doesn’t let ladies win at casinos is the society. Conservative people don’t want to see women playing casino games.


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However nowadays you don’t even need to go to brick and mortar casino to play. You can launch one of the numerous online casinos and you will get great gaming experience. You will be amazed when you find out how many women gamble online.

Casinos never publish data of their clients. However there are common data available. According to the figures, women play at casinos almost as often as their male counterparts. The proportion is the following: 61% are men, 39% are women.

Poker rooms have got different structure of clients. Men dominate (85%). There are just 15% women. The reason is that professional poker requires more time than blackjack and other casino games. Women just have too many things to do with all the daily stuff. They can’t afford spending so much time. However there are women who are considered to be great poker players – Vanessa Rousso, Liv Boeree, Jackie Glazer, Vanessa Selbst and others. Quite many females achieved great heights in poker.

We don’t know the names of successful blackjack players. But we don’t have any doubts that there are many women among them. We would not be surprised if there are more successful women than men in this field. The most important skill of blackjack player is to be able to stop in time. Well, women are simply better in it.

Women don’t play blackjack. If you hear such statement, you can be sure that this is just a myth. With growing popularity of online gambling the more women start playing casino games. Thus when you play multi player blackjack online don’t be surprised if you are sitting next to a female player. She might be living somewhere close to you!

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