Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Every major gaming site offers blackjack. Blackjack game rules are simple therefore everyone can learn how to play and feel comfortable from the very beginning.

Black jack card game has got many similarities with other games. However the most important feature of blackjack is that Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings all have the same value of 10 points. Ace can be 1 or 11. Other cards match with their standard values, meaning that 9 is 9, 8 is 8 etc.

Basic Blackjack Rules

The game starts and players have to place ante and bet. Then player receives 2 cards and evaluates the strength of his/her hand. Ace + any Jack, Queen or King combines “Blackjack”. In this case the holder wins with 1,5 multiplier. If player doesn’t have blackjack he can fold and lose ante or keep playing. The goal is to get more points than the dealer but without exceeding 21. If a player decides that he has enough cards and the next card will bust he can stop. Then dealer starts playing taking cards. If dealer has 16 or less points he must hit meaning that he must take more cards. If dealer has less than 16 he must stand (not taking any more cards).

If player has got more points than dealer or dealer busts casino pays player ante and bet.

Variations of Blackjack

Success in blackjack doesn’t depend only on luck. For instance, players successfully use basic blackjack strategy. The strategy provides clear guidelines explaining what to do in different situations. Basic strategy and other systems are effective when standard game takes place. It means that player can see cards of dealer. Players have enough information to make decisions.

Counting cards also increases odds of winning. Back in XIX century blackjack 1 deck was used. Blackjack 6 decks rules got popular later. The new rules were applied to make it more difficult to count cards. However it doesn’t mean that card counting is useless. 6 decks blackjack can still be profitable.

Blackjack rules have been constantly changing. But the most successful variations are fine for both casinos and players. Such games are being played nowadays. Modern casinos offer different blackjack variations with different rules. For instance, Tropez Casino has 10 different blackjack games, not just simple 21 blackjack. The variety includes blackjack surrender. However players should not be afraid of wide variety. They can find blackjack rules surrender published on the website. Moreover casino visitors can choose between real money gambling and demo mode when wagers are made with so called play money. In order to play gamblers don’t even have to register at the casino.