European Roulette

Roulette is considered to be one of the best casino games ever. European roulette was the most popular game played in casinos back by the end of the previous century. European roulette rules are extremely simple. Just one zero sector (for instance, American roulette has 2 zero sectors) increases odds of winning.

European roulette is still one of the most popular games staying behind online slots. However every single year number of roulette fans increases. The growing popularity can be explained with launch of online casinos. European roulette real money games are among favorites of online casinos visitors.

Where to Play European Roulette?

European roulette download free is available at  Europa CasinoCasino Tropez888 CasinoTitan Casino,  etc.  Moreover many gaming sites offer free European roulette game online. Sometimes you don’t even have to register an account. For instance, there is no need neither to download the software nor to register an account at Winner Casino. Just go to the website and you will be able to play European roulette free. No download version is available at Winner Casino.

However if you want to enjoy real roulette experience you should register an account. Then you will be able to make real bets. Bets vary from 10 cents to hundreds of dollars.

When you have an account at a casino you will have the chance to play Live Games. You will be served by real dealers. Players observe roulette wheel spinning via webcams. The best live games can be found at Europa CasinoCasino Tropez and 888 Casino.

In addition you can play European roulette via your cell phone. iPhone, iPad and Anrdoid-based gadgets are suitable for such purposes. Europa CasinoCasino Tropez888 Casino and other major gaming sites feature mobile casinos.

Tips for Beginners

People are curious how to beat the roulette. The question arose when the first casino started to offer roulette games. You can find numerous books dedicated to European roulette strategy to win. Many strategies seem to be quite logical. However there is no strategy ensuring guaranteed winnings.

It doesn’t mean that it is impossible to win playing European roulette. On the contrary there are many people who won big! But we have to admit that number of losers is much higher.

You can choose one of the most well-known betting strategies or just play without system. But you should keep in mind 5 simple tips:

  1.   Don’t deposit unless you make sure that you are dealing with secure casino and the gaming site feature fair European roulette. Reviews of experienced gamblers will help you with it.
  2.  Never play placing bets you can’t afford. Gaming should not affect your welfare.
  3.  If somebody says that he knows how to beat European roulette with winning strategy, try it first playing free games. It is much safer to adopt new strategies in demo mode.
  4.  If you are lucky enough to double up your gaming bankroll, withdraw your money and use it to buy something nice for yourself. Just leave the money you deposited. If you have too much money on your account you would wish to place big bets. However the Lady luck can turn her back any moment. Therefore there is the risk of losing everything you won.
  5.  If you can’t win today just leave the gaming for tomorrow, next week or just forget about roulette. Make sure that you don’t chase your loses. Don’t try to return back everything you lost immediately. Such approach leads to bigger loses.

If you play European roulette without gaming obsession you will be able to spend your time and get great entertainment. In addition it is possible to hit big scores. European roulette wheel odds of winning are relatively high.