How to Win at Blackjack

Many gamblers are interested how to win at blackjack table? In order to be successful you need to follow the perfect blackjack strategy and apply blackjack card counting.

Blackjack Counting Strategy

It is important to count used cards. You should do it to know what cards are still left in the deck. Your decisions should depend on such information. For instance, you are aware that the deck contains mostly small cards (many jacks, queens and kings were already used). You have 14 points. In such situation you should better hit taking another card. Odds of completing your hand are quite high, you will unlikely bust. In the opposition situation you should not hit. Just stand keeping in mind that there are many 10-points cards left. Your 14 points are ok here.

Blackjack strategy with card counting is simple:

All 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s have +1 coefficient;

All 9s, 8s, 7s have got +0 (zero);

All 10-points cards and aces have got -1 coefficient.

When you see cards on the table just sum up. For instance, if you see Jack, Ace, 2, 9 and King you will have -1-1+1+0-1=-2. The more negative is the amount the more small cards are left in the deck. The bigger is the amount the more high cards and aces are left.

Basic Strategy

Basic winning blackjack strategy is the clear instructions. The strategy tells what actions to take in different situations. The system is 100% suitable for all games with 1 open faced dealer card. Most blackjack games have got such rules.

Other systems exist for other variations of blackjack. It is important to know that any strategy is based on basic strategy. Therefore we strongly advice to learn basic strategy in details. It will help you winning playing classic blackjack. You will be able to easily switch to other games and strategies if you wish. Here you can find basic blackjack strategy table. The table has some abbreviations:

А – Ace

H — Take Hard (Hit)

S – Stop, move to dealer’s turn (Stand) 

D – Double bet and take extra card. If it is not allowed to double the bet just take extra card.

D/S – Double bet and take extra card. If it is not allowed to double the bet, player should stand.

P – Split cards (Split)

H/P – Split cards. But only in case if blackjack rules allow to double bet after splitting. If rules don’t let doubling, player should hit without splitting.

H/R – Surrender. If rules don’t allow surrendering, then hit.

When you play online you can always keep this table next to you. However if you play in brick and mortar casino you won’t be allowed to use such tables. Moreover it is prohibited to count cards. Casinos try to minimize risks.