How to Win Online Roulette

Usually beginners want to know if there is the way to win playing roulette? – We can say yes and no. Millions of people have won playing roulette. However it is impossible to become professional player who make money for living with roulette. Why? – Just analyze this. For instance, when you place bet on red or black the probability of winning is just 18 to 37 or 48,65%. It seems to be quite good odds, almost 50%. But “almost” means a lot. The more you play the more money will casino win. And if you play against casino infinite series of games you won’t stand a chance.

Gaming Systems

There are many articles telling how to win at roulette online. You can easily find information about different strategies and systems. However there is no single case of finding 100% working strategy. There were no casinos went bankrupt because of gamblers using betting systems.

At the same time it doesn’t mean that gaming systems are useless. Some of them based on logical ideas can help players winning. First of all, such systems require players’ discipline. When a player uses any roulette winning strategy guide, he/she won’t place bets he/she can’t afford. Following strategies and systems means that there is no way of losing all money. This fact is enough to prove that using strategies is much better than playing without any systems.

Best Roulette Strategy Casino Online Players Can Use

Online gaming is suitable for gaming strategies and systems. All casinos publish information about winning numbers of roulette. And authors of systems used such stats to develop strategies.

The most popular strategies are the Martingale system and the Chernyshov system. Both describe how to beat roulette. Systems require players to take actions based on the history of last roulette numbers. 

Martingale system roulette requires players to place bets on the same color and double bets if the previous one was lost. The idea is based on the fact that selected number will be drawn anyway (the probability is 48,65%).  When it happens all lost bets will be compensated and player will get profit equal to his/her initial bet. The problem is that all casinos apply limitations to max bets. Therefore you simply can’t endlessly increase bets.

According to Chernyshov system players should wait for the moment when the same color was played 3 times in a row. However gamers should not place any bets during the 3 spins. Then it is time to act. Just place the best on the opposite color. Let’s assume you have won. Then stop playing and observe roulette wheel spinning. Wait for the next moment when the same color was played 3 times in a row. Place another bet on the opposite color. Let’s assume you lost your bet. In this case place another bet but increase it according to the algorithm: 3-9-27-81. If you lose after increasing your bet by 81 (probability is just 2%), stop playing and make sure that you are not going to chase your loss.

Roulette Tips and Tricks to Win

As you can see, the described systems can help players winning, but do not guarantee 100% return of investments. Neither the Martingale system, not the Chernyshov system is able to ensure constant winnings. Roulette will always favor casinos. The more you play the bigger is the house edge.

However it is still possible to win playing roulette. One is the most effective roulette tips to win is to make sure that you don’t chase potential profits but minimize risk of losing big money. Betting systems will help you to do that.

Read more educational materials online. How to win online roulette video lessons will be definitely useful. If you have found a new betting system for roulette, don’t try to use it playing real money games. Test it playing in demo mode (placing play money bets). Just remember that you won’t be able successfully using any strategy without practice and experience. The same statement is fair about video lessons or articles; it is very important to practice. Only experienced players are able to use strategies increasing odds of winning.