Keno Results: How to Check Possible Winnings

Keno Results: How to Check Possible Winnings?

Modern keno games are slightly different from ancient ones. Each keno game is the draw of huge prize pool. Therefore it is crucial to be aware of all nuances of the game. If you play online everything is quite simple: the system will do almost everything automatically. But what to do if you prefer live keno lottery games?

Results of each round are announced when all balls appeared. Numbers of balls can be detected with help of special blower or automatic fan (numbers are scanned by complicated computer system), random number generator (analog of RNGs used by online casinos) and robot-hand (number of balls are also checked by house’s employee).

In order to take part in a round a player should take lottery ticket and mark desired numbers (“x” in respected section of the ticket). Then filled in ticket should be passed to employees of a house. Player should also mark his bet. The next step is keno draw. Players can check keno ticket when all numbers are announced.

Winning is the most awaited and pleasant thing of keno lottery. Keno results and payouts are determined in accordance with paytables of the casino. Payouts also depend on bet size and quantity of selected numbers. Players usually use the following ranges:

  • From 1 to 2;
  • From 2 to 4 (if only 1 number is guessed correctly player doesn’t win anything);
  • From 3 to 7 (player will receive winning if there are at least 3 matches);
  • From 4 to 9 (player will receive winning if there are at least 4 matches);
  • From 5 to 10 (at least 5 matches);
  • and so on.

Countries may organize keno games as well. In this case gamblers buy tickets, fill in forms and send it via mail. Sometimes tickets have numbers, so gamblers don’t have to fill in anything. Lottery draw is usually broadcasted on the TV. Results of such lottery draws are published by media. Gamblers can also find results online etc.

Unlike online keno games “live” keno requires attentiveness. Players should check tickets carefully. It was reported many times that gamblers have not seen winning numbers and didn’t know about winnings they could claim.

It doesn’t matter where you play. Just remember that success in keno depends on luck. Therefore your goal is to get positive emotions and enjoy your games. Be ready to lose but don’t give up. You will definitely win one day and it will be the massive boost!