Strategy Systems Keno

Strategy Systems Keno

There were no keno systems for the long time. People didn’t care about winnings and strategies. They took the game quite easy considering it to be similar to the wheel of fortune. They thought that everything depends on the pure luck. However mathematician and gambler Alan Krigman studied keno and managed to find the answer the question how to win at keno. However let’s firstly do some keno analysis and check some statistical facts.

Keno Lottery Statistics

Approximate payout of a casino-based keno is 66%. It means that there is the huge house edge which is quite difficult to tackle. We have different figures for online games. Online casinos face fierce competition. Therefore they control average payout rates of games.

Most popular casinos have min house edge. In this case keno payout varies from 80% to 95%. Thus it is easy to understand that it is better to play online than in live casinos. Online casinos offer higher payout rates for keno games.

In order to beat keno machines a player needs to be aware of keno odds. Odds of guessing all 20 numbers are approximately 1 to 3,5b. If every single person living on Earth plays keno every second during the whole life, there would be 20 jackpot winners per day. Well, surely it is fun but the truth is not as promising as we wish. There was no winning with guessed all 20 numbers during the whole history or calculations!

Krigman Keno System

There is no guaranteed strategy to win keno games. However it is possible increase your odds following effective keno lotto tips. The tips are based on pure mathematics. Comprehensive analysis was done by Alan Krigman.

So, here is the keno strategy that works:

Before each round a gambler should pick a number to guess (from 1 to 20). Gambler should place a bet on each number (from $1 to $5). Odds of winning depend on quantity of selected numbers:

1 number — 25%;

2 numbers – 6% of guessing right both numbers and 38% of guessing right just 1 number;

3 numbers – 1,4% of guessing right all 3 numbers, 13,9% — of guessing right 2 numbers and 43,1% for just 1 number. 

4 numbers – 0,3% of matching all 4 numbers, 4,3% of guessing right 3 numbers, 21,3% of correct guessing of 2 numbers, 43,3% for just 1 number and so on.

Therefore the system is quite simple; the more bets you place the higher are your odds of winning. The following strategy systems keno depends on selected casino. Here we mean payouts and prizes set by the casino.

If you want to have some fun and play to enjoy the game, you can basically register at any casino. Just select several numbers and play. In this case you don’t put much money at risk. But the approach should be different if you take the game seriously. You should be very picky and choose a casino to play wisely. First of all, try to find casinos with progressive jackpots. Lotto keno wheeling systems online usually pay jackpots to a person who correctly guesses several numbers, not all of them (7-15 or 16-19). We have already told you that the more bets you place the better odds of winning you will have. Therefore bets on 10 numbers are more profitable than 9-numbers bets in the long run.

Secrets of Keno Machines

When you play keno you should take into account the following things:

  • Playing online is approximately 50 times faster than playing in live casinos. Therefore you should be very cautious and make sure that you don’t lose all your money fast.
  • When you place many bets your goal is to hit the big score. When you win big it is better to stop playing.
  • You won’t be able to understand how to win keno unless you learn how to calculate your odds. You should always have keno winning odds chart with you.
  • Keno lottery is the game of luck. Therefore it doesn’t matter which particular numbers you choose. The more important is to be aware of best winning keno systems. You are already familiar with the system of Krigman and the probability theory.