6 Reasons to Prefer Real Money Slot Machines to Play Backgammon with Friends for Play Money

I have registered at an online casino when my country (Russia) prohibited brick and mortar casinos. I was extremely upset and didn’t hope to win money. I just didn’t know what to do. How could I enjoy playing online after spending time in luxury brick and mortar casinos? So, I didn’t expect any positive feelings. In addition I didn’t really trust online casinos; I thought they were just scumbags. Who could prove that they set their software fair?


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However it turned out that I was naive and foolish. Due to my stupidity I lost quite much. The reason was that I didn’t take seriously bonuses. I missed the opportunity to get welcome bonuses. And it was prohibited to register again. I signed up for best casinos but didn’t want to deposit. My bonuses were unused and taken away by casinos…

After a while I understood that there were no reasons not to trust online casinos. I started to believe that everything was fair after I deposited $10 at one highly reputable online casino and turned it into $100 playing roulette. I didn’t have any obligations regarding bonuses and wagering policy. Therefore I was able to withdraw my winnings immediately. My money has arrived after one week and I started to believe that online casinos can be fair.

It happened several years ago. I enjoyed several huge up streaks. However there were many painful losses too. Well, I was fully satisfied with my online casino experience. I enjoy gambling with my friends. That’s right, with friends. We gather, drink beer, fool around and watch football. My friends come to my apartments. I use my 36 inch TV to gamble and we have fun all together. Well, having such a wonderful experience I am sure that playing online is much better than play backgammon, cards or chess just for fun with friends. Let me explain you why:

  1.  The selection of board/table games is limited. You can play checkers, backgammon, cards, domino or chess. Well, that’s it. You can have some fun playing alcohol bets but it gets boring quite fast. At the same time this is not a good idea to wager real money when you play with your friends. So, what else to do with you gather with friends? We don’t want to chat and drink the whole evening.
  2.  All online casinos including the smallest ones would offer much wider range of games. You can choose from hundreds of exciting slot machines, roulette, wide range of card games, video poker, craps, scratch cards etc. You can make real money bets or play for fun. The selection of bets is enormous; from several cents to hundreds of dollars.
  3.  When you gamble with your friends online you bond with them. You become a team, not competitors. You feel like reaching the common goal, you celebrate and suffer together. This is the great way to make your friendship even stronger than it was.
  4.  The excitement you get playing online is much stronger than you play, let’s say, backgammon for fun. Excitement is based not on the fear of loss but on the anticipation of winning. What can you win if you play for fun? Even when you wager at least several cents playing slots, you can get some excitement. Well, it is much better feeling than the feeling you get from beating your friend in backgammon one more time.
  5.  Online casinos provide gamblers with the opportunity to get bonuses. Bonuses won’t make you rich. Remember that you still need to fulfill wagering requirements otherwise you won’t get a dollar! However my experience shows that you should not avoid bonuses. Even if you are not limited by any wagering requirements you still can lose your money. If you suffer from bad luck, you will lose the money you deposited. The same could happen with you if you claim bonuses. However some extra bonus money might help you floating during downswings. You will have more opportunities to fight back. In addition you can turn bonuses in big winnings; you just need to have some luck.
  6.  You can hit a jackpot playing online. Well, I have never hit a jackpot. And I don’t think that I will ever do it. However the possibility to hit a jackpot makes me optimistic. In addition gambling becomes even more exciting. Jackpots can be up to several millions $. You don’t have to pay anything extra to have the chance to hit a jackpot. All you need to do is to play.


Slots and backgammon - Portal MAZAL


Instead of wasting your time playing backgammon for fun, ask your friends to join you and try your luck at one of online casinos. Many casinos offer “refer a friend” bonus. You will get a special bonus if you invite one your friends to register at the casino.


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