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You can often find ads in Internet that a particular online casino announces tournament for their players. Organisers declare start and end time in advance. Typically, this is a few days tournaments, but sometimes these tournaments can last for a month or only 1 or 2 hours. There is an exact leaderboard where every participant can easily determine at what point in the table he is, how far the competitors and what are the chances to take the prize.



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Tournament rules established by particular online casino and may vary from each other. Here are some typical embodiments of tournaments:



Who will win more play-money 


This kind of tournament is best suited for beginners. Member must register with the online casino and announce their participation. Sometimes you need to make a minimum deposit, but not always.


Gamblers play using play-money – real money doesn’t involve in such tournaments. You can play any game casino allows to play for free or it may be a special tournament dedicated to one specific online game, such as roulette or slot machine, or blackjack. Player who will win more chips at the end of the tournament will receive a cash bonus, for example:  first place – $100, second place – $70, third place – $50 and so on. Yes, this is still not your money – your cash in the pocket, this is just a bonus. But this bonus you can use or betting in the games for real money, and withdraw it after fulfilling wagering conditions.



Who will win the most real money


In these tournaments, participants need to bet their own money. At first glance, it may seem that if you don’t have enough money on your account, you are doomed to lose. Player who has a lot of money, will bet bigger and win more, leaving you behind. But it is not true. Practice shows that almost all the players in these tournaments spend equally small amounts of money. If player is lucky, it will continue to bid using prize money. If luck is not his partner for today, he lost certain amount at the beginning of the tournament and going out of the competition. Only a few totally inadequate gamblers can bet and raise their own money without stopping, in the hope to win first place in the tournament. But this is an exception, but not the rule. In reality, there are a few players at the end of tournaments, who will fight for the final prize money. These are the players who are just lucky to stay in tournament with a small initial investment.


Prize funds in such tournaments is much higher than in play-money tournaments. Therefore, if you are a player and you know when to stop in case of failure, such tournaments are best suited to you. Indeed, in the case of success, apart from the usual wins you get further huge prize as a tournament winner. This is, as you can see, a double win.



Who will make more bets 


In this kind of tournament winners are those who made ​​more bets or bet the most amount of money. Win or loose the bid – does not matter. Online casino defines in advance the minimum amount of bet, as well as games that players allow to play. As in the previous forms of tournaments, if you’re lucky, you can start with only few dollars and receive a huge prize for the first place (making bets using only winning money).



Tournament with a tournament fee 


Tournament formula can be anyone, including those listed above. The trick lies in the fact that the prize pool is formed by the participants themselves. It makes such type of tournament very special. The fact is, that if you put your hard-earned money in the tournament prize pool, you will fight to the last penny on your game account. Therefore, competition in these tournaments is very hard from the beginning up to the end. But you can’t really describe the pleasure of participating and winning these kind of tournaments.



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