The gambling heritage from Ancient China

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Silk and gunpowder, compass and paper, the book printing and keno… we all can wonder what is common among all these popular and very useful inventions of mankind. In fact, all these stuff were originally invented in Ancient China. It was 200 BC when one of the China emperors created simple gambling, which let people win big money during only five minutes. Firstly, it was called Chinese Lottery and now we know it as Keno.


The gambling heritage from Ancient China 

As a matter of fact, we know at least two reasons of Keno invention. There was no need to find another way to live through the days, still there existed a problem with too high taxes and the lack of money for the army supplement. So the rebellious inhabitants of the provinces were not ready to pay taxes and the emperor was forced to find a way of calming them down and raising money without any harm to his own reputation.

Finally, the ancient emperor had found a clever way out and invented a gambling game, which was based on human greed and love of easy money. Fortunately, such idea turned to be the biggest success and got to become even more popular than anyone could ever expect. All the subjects of Chinese Empire got involved in this gambling affair. Kids, young and old people, people from poor families and those from the aristocracy got to love this game more than any other activity. The interest towards Keno grew exponentially, and even the Emperor, who personally held the drawings, had to organise them 2 times daily (in the morning and after people finish their work).

Unfortunately, through the history China was rather closed empire and no other countries could get to know its culture and especially gambling habits. This was the main reason of Keno being popular only in Chinese culture for quite a long time. In fact, it was the beginning of 19th century, when the Chinese gambling habits and culture got to the banks of America together with the immigrants, who were in search of better and happier life.

Right from here and from the moment a series of unimaginable successes of an unknown game from overseas began. Keno was brought to America in the time of the height of the gold rush. That means that while working and seeking for the gold Chinese immigrates shared their native culture and secrets with American people and right the same way the whole America got to know about the Chinese Lottery. Very soon every native American or the immigrant from the other world knew and played Keno. In fact, some things in the process of game were changed because the native Chinese rules were unfamiliar for other cowboys.

So, the usually used kanji were changed to numbers, which were clear and common for all the players, and the number of total playing digits were reduced from 120 to 80. Also at first the Americans used cardboard boxes and sheets of paper with handwritten digits, which were later replaced by balls and bags or wooden boxes.

The Chinese Lottery, which also was called the Lottery of white doves, got to be so popular among the Americans, that they could found the ways to play it even in the times of gambling prohibitions. People loved it so much due to the great quintessence of the simple rules, small bets and really huge winning potential.

All in all, people believe Keno to be the game of a chance, still we do know some tricks, which can help to win big.


Turn the scales in your own favour? Possible!

Every lover of Keno should know that this is possibly the only gambling, which offers almost unlimited winnings. And this means that the system of these wins really exists. So, the winning system in Keno is our today’s matter of investigation.

It’s clear that no one can ever guarantee the 100% working formula of winnings, but experts say about the systematic approach. Such an approach consists of many factors.

  1.  The information you obtain about the particular game is very important and should be substantial. You have to inquire about the rules and bonuses in different casinos.
  2.  The progressive jackpots and the pays off are one of the basics in choosing the casino and playing great Keno.
  3.  The bets on fewer numbers are better than gambling on many numbers.
  4.  The casino’s or lottery operator’s reputation is of big value. It is as much important as the system of paying off the money.
  5.  The variety of bets can become your lucky ticket. If the game did not give winnings for a long time, you should change the betting strategy.
  6.  self-improvement is your best way to big wins. It would seem that there is nothing more to learn about such a simple game. In fact, there are many nuances and new facts, that can help you build a new strategy of the game.

To tell the truth, many people use Keno as a reliable indicator of luck, but there is also another category of people, who always try to figure out the scientific laws of the winnings. So did the famous mathematician Alan Kriegman. He has developed a unique and, which is more important, effective system of winning in Keno.

As we all know, the biggest possible win in Keno is given after the gambler guess the whole 20 numbers. Still you should also know that no one had ever guessed 20 numbers or got the biggest prize. Therefore, no expert or system can guarantee the 100% result, but a mathematical approach to the calculation of the winning probability based on your own bets is an effective and possibly the best approach available for today.

The Alan Kriegman’s system looks like the following. When you bet on one number you actually have 25% chance to guess it.

  • Betting 2 numbers you get the possibility to guess 1 number – 38%, 2 numbers – 6%
  • Betting 3 numbers you get the possibility to guess 1 number – 43.1%, 2 numbers – 3.9%, 3 numbers – 1.4%
  • Betting 4 numbers you get the possibility to guess 1 number – 43.3%, 2 numbers – 21.3%, 3 numbers – 4.3%, 4 numbers – 0.3%


Here it is! While you know the possibility of winning every of your bets, you can be sure in getting small but frequent prizes. Don’t forget to alternate the large and small bets.