Friday 13 – Lucky Day for Lottery Winners!

She is only 24 years old, but she is already the owner of the biggest win in Michigan Lottery. Kelsey Zachow bought a lottery ticket on Friday, the 13th, but checked it only after 11 days. Now she can say that Friday the 13th is her happiest day – it was the day she won ….. $ 66 millions!!! This is the biggest win in Michigan Lottery, which was received on Friday the 13th.


Now Ms. Zachow busy with very pleasant things – she decides how to spend the winnings.  “Friday the 13th has always been the best day of my life, but when I came home that night, I thought: Strange, nothing surprising happened!” But now she and her seven-month-old son and boyfriend have nothing to worry! All those years of buying lottery tickets paid off.


Kelsey usually buy lottery tickets twice a week for the past 5 years. During this time she has spent more than $ 10,000 on lottery tickets. On that day, Friday the 13th, she bought 4 tickets and one easy pick. It was 11 days later, on June 24, that she checked her numbers and learned she’d won big!



Friday 13 lottery winner Portal Mazal



We must pay tribute to her endurance and wit. She was smart enough to consult with lawyers and financial advisers before receiving a prize. As a result of these consultations, she decided to get a one-time payment of $ 27 million (after taxes) instead of periodic payments.


“We have to be smart in this situation and maintain the presence of mind. I played for five years and I had a plan in case of winning,” – said Kelsey. “We all watch TV, where they show how people who win millions are ruined and become bankrupt. That’s why I initially asked for advice to lawyers and financiers, learned all the nuances of taxation, and then went to the office of the Michigan Lottery. At this point, all necessary classifications were already in front of me, and now we can enjoy the win! ”


Sure she plans to spend the money: a new car, a house of her dreams, a trip abroad and other pleasures of life. But at the same time, it looks quite smart and savvy, not to repeat the terrible mistakes of some lottery winners. If you are lucky enough to win a big jackpot, rip the first prize in the lottery, get a huge inheritance, try to cope with the surging joy and excitement and …. don’t forget about taxes! Taxes can significantly reduce your winnings. Some winners even decide to donate all of their winnings to charity. Whether it frees them from taxes? Not always!


The only way to avoid the tax – to give up the win. But if you take the win, and then give all the money to charity, you will still have to pay taxes. You donate money and still pay for it! Here’s an interesting layout.


Taxes is a complicated matter, and that is why so many lottery winners and lucky owners of large jackpots are in a very difficult and delicate situation. Family members may qualify for a portion of your winnings, friends and colleagues can claim that they were with you in a partnership, government to get a large part of your winnings in the form of taxes – see for yourself how easy it is to get confused and make mistakes that will bring more frustration than the joy of a huge win. Many people have fallen into this trap. We advise you to be very vigilant and careful. Taxes in many countries – very complicated and confusing thing to deal with.


Finally ask the question: Are there any countries where relationships between the state and the lucky winner much easier and fair? Who among the countries will not qualify for a solid chunk of your happiness? The most advanced in this regard: Canada and Australia. In these countries government does not hunt for the lucky ones, and allows them to enjoy a win to the fullest!


If you are Lucky and ready to win, go to win Canada or Australia. Here you can claim your Millions without any taxes!


Good luck!



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