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Probably all of us – incorrigible gamblers – are somehow in love with the fall time. Its splendour and colours create unforgettable feelings – the ones that lure and thrill venturous souls. Since olden times September has been considered the beginning of a new stage of life filled with prosperity and all sorts of accomplishments. Now beginning of the fall time is also associated with a way to success that is already somewhere very close – so close that you feel it in the air. This success is made of a special chemical mixture of a September fairytale, stellar magic and science of passion.

So, are you ready to learn the secrets that the stars are hiding behind? You are welcome to read our horoscope for September 2016.



It’s hard to rely on stable wins, because Aries is not stable by his nature. And even though consistency in actions is not one of your strengths, it’s not that important in September. For venturous Aries September means the month of exciting gaming roundabouts and significant payoffs, though with mixed success. If the stars were not gracious to you beginning of the month, buy the end of it Aries will get his own back. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer poker, roulette, or a one-armed bandit – all the efforts will be repaid, and the pockets will be filled with jackpots. The main thing is to be careful and not to lose all the money before the beginning of a “lucky week”. To make this work follow the rules: come to the casino on Sundays only and leave the table if you lose two times in a row.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 18, 20, 23, 27, 30
  • Non-favorable days: September 1, 6, 12, 14, 26



“He that hesitates is lost”, especially if there are a couple of aces under the sleeve. Taurus has 30 aces, because every day of this month will bring this zodiac sign a bunch of emotions and prize money. This is indeed the unique period of time, because luck will follow Taurus and will reward him for spontaneous and risky bets. Throw away your doubts – the Stars give the green light to your gambling fantasies and promise help with every endeavour. Taurus will be especially lucky with slots that should bring incredible wins and will inspire gamblers for further venturous achievements. Go to the casino on Tuesday, and you will see what the run of luck is.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 3, 4, 16, 22, 25, 29
  • Non-favorable days: September 2, 11, 14, 18, 24



Dual nature and liability to doubts are typical of Gemini, but surprisingly, these traits will be useful for them in September. Now it’s the time that will make it difficult to decide whether or not to go to the casino or to put away the savings; at which table to sit and which bet to make. To have doubts everywhere and about everything will be the right strategy in September. Only the bets and the strategy that are thought through will bring the desired win. And of course, the stars will be thankful to you for all the efforts made and will let you leave the casino with a good prize pool. The main thing is to be careful and not to even approach the slots, roulette or baccara. Our venturous horoscope does not recommend Gemini to play lotteries either. Select only verified strategies and games where the result is connected to your skills instead of just luck. Visit the gambling venues on Wednesdays and be careful.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 1, 9, 18, 21, 25, 27
  • Non-favorable days: September 2, 13, 16, 23, 30



Today is your lucky day! And not just because you will learn the main secret of success in gambling, but because this universal recipe will accomplish wonders throughout the whole month. So, you can forget all you have known so far about lucky games or numbers. In September Cancer will be extremely lucky practically in every gambling entertainment. But as usual, there is a slight hitch, and for you this time it will be roulette and lottery. It’s better to pay attention to the games where the strategy and skills are of major significance. Play poker, blackjack and even baccara and you will see that the stars are inclined to get some favourites. Today that’s you, so take the chance and use it in full. Go to the casino on Tuesdays and don’t leave before you make this venue a bankrupt!

  • Time frames friendly for venturous entertainments: first and last decades of the month
  • Non-favorable days: September 12, 16, 17, 21, 30



Oh, these kings! It’s only the win they can go with. But what if September is not so lucky for a Leo? Never say die! Every bad luck affects emotional Leos, but there is always a way out of a situation. They say that “when one door closes, another one opens”; in our case, if the representatives of this zodiac sign are not lucky playing cards or slot machines – it’s better to switch to roulette or even a lottery. An unspoken rule, or a stellar consistent pattern says that “luck is changeable and likes to bring surprises”, that’s why go to gambling venues on Thursdays and select the games you have not played before. Make the lowest possible bets to minimise risks.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 1, 2, 5, 17, 23, 29
  • Non-favourable time frame: the last two weeks of September may be a bit tight



The stars always spoil these wizards and strategists with pleasant surprises. September is not an exception. This month Virgos will become frequenters in gambling venues, but it doesn’t mean that every bet will be a lucky one. Favourite strategies and inclination for saving money will accompany you in September and will help avoid extra expenses. The luck will be changeable, and not every spin will bring the long-awaited prize. Virgo should be careful with video-slots, roulette and cards. Sports bets may also bring good results, but should be well thought out. In other words, stay on the alert, and your pocket will be filled with money. Keep your energy for Saturdays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 10, 23, 24, 29, 30
  • Non-favorable days: September 2, 9, 14, 15, 22, 26



Weigh in the balance each and every decision and your pockets will be filled with the prize money. This rule may seem simple for Libra who is constantly in doubt, but September has its own rules, so even careful representatives of this zodiac sign may lose their minds and make the bets that will break them. But if you are able to make peace with temporary twist of the venturous sobriety and your well balanced nature, you will indeed be able to get good bonuses in the forms of prize pools and the plinking coins from the slot machines. The main advice the stars have for you is to stay away from poker and serious card games. Unless you are a professional poker player with huge prize money, there is nothing for you to do at the table. Select any game, collect yourself and go ahead to winning! The luckiest game sessions will take place on Fridays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: the second half of the month
  • Non-favorable days: September 1, 2, 4, 12, 27



It’s hard to find luckier people! No one will object that the stars have always been gracious to Scorpios and directed them to the casino for getting some extra money to the bank account as well as for showing off. September will keep this tradition alive rewarding Scorpios with the large prize money and memorable wins. As a matter of fact, luck will stay with this zodiac sign practically during every game – be that cards, slots, or roulette. The head may start swimming from such success, and the insatiability may overweight common sense. That’s why the stars have put a small, but important limit: if you lose at least once, leave the casino immediately, even if the loss is insignificant, otherwise the series of losses will make you lose everything you had won prior. Favourable alignment of stars also proves that the luckiest days of the week for you will be Saturday.

  • Friendly days for gambling: the whole month will be full of surprises, except…
  • Non-favorable days: September 1, 13, 16



Beginning of the fall time will be accompanied with numerous efficient initiatives and wins, but unfortunately, not in the sphere of gambling. The stars are always generous to this zodiac sign, but the rational balance is always in place. In September it’s better to focus on career and family life, and to replace your gambling nature by charitable projects. So far if you can’t completely stay away from gambling, it’s better to turn to video slots. You probably won’t hit the jackpot, but reasonably good wins may take place. Don’t immerse yourself into gambling – take control over the process. If a run of bad luck has started already, it’s better to postpone the game session for the next day. Tuesday should be quite productive for Sagittarian in September.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 2, 14, 17, 18, 27
  • Non-favorable days: September 13, 22, 26, 30



These terrestrial zodiac signs are connoisseurs of good wine, food, and gambling. They are not as venturous as Scorpios or Gemini, but if they start the game, they gamble for the sake of winning. All their efforts will be justified in September. The stars advise Capricorns to be prepared for unusual offers or invitations. But it’s worth going to the casino only by the voice of your heart. Give preference to card games or mini-games and make only well thought out bets. It’s better if you have your own well developed strategy and specific methods of playing poker, because in this case it will be quite easy to hit the jackpot. Any disputable moment that may seem embarrassing can be turned to your favour. And in those cases when your own smarts or efforts won’t be sufficient, the stars will help. Besides, our venturous horoscope advises you to be careful playing online casino and push your luck on Thursdays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: beginning as well as the end of the month will bring good benefits
  • Non-favorable days: September 12, 16, 18, 23, 30



The fall time has always been very profitable for this zodiac sign, especially when getting closer to the winter. But now September in particular anticipates gorgeous success. Nowadays as never before, the representatives of this sign will be lucky in simple games and in those activities where strategy and methods don’t matter much. All the Aquarius will need in September is desire to win and favour of stars. The latter one will be there by default, but as for the first condition, you will have to figure that out on the spot. Push your luck at video slots or roulette or just relax throwing dice. Any of these venturous entertainments will bring you good profit. Follow the advice of the stars as well as the horoscope and be careful – lots of sharpers may want to rob you. Visit gambling venues on Mondays, and your prize money will be doubled.

  • Friendly days for gambling: beginning as well as the end of the month will bring good benefits
  • Non-favorable days: September 12, 16, 18, 23, 30



Golden autumn is the time for wins and large prize money for quite shy, but still venturous Pisces. As never before, luck will be with you in September, and the stars will attract huge sums of money to your bank account. If prior to that you gambled for the sake of pleasure and gained some experience even developing your own gambling strategy, now it’s perfect time to use all your skills thus getting well deserved reward. Not every venturous game will bring the same profit, but don’t feel desperate in case of a minor loss. Immediately after losing for the first time you should leave the venue and choose another entertainment. Through trial and error you will be able to find your pot of gold which will provide you financial support for the following month. The main thing is to stay on the alert, be cool-minded and try to gamble on Sundays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: September 1, 3, 18, 24, 29
  • Non-favorable days: September 13, 14, 22, 27


So, these are the news that the stars have prepared for you. Our gambling horoscope for September 2016 advises you to always be fully armed and start the most favourite game in good mood only.

You have now received the advice and hints from the stars. If you need a special strategy or real means for winning at roulette, throwing dice or playing poker, keep reading our professional reviews.

Good luck and come back for a new portion of luck!