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The threshold of the Christmas holidays, the atmosphere of fabulous mood and expectations of a miracle. Yes, this is December! It is long awaited by everyone, starting with the smallest dreamers and up to the adult romantics, who still believe in the magic of Christmas night and hope to see the real miracle. The most zealous dreamers in December will be all the same casino revellers, who has regularly replenished the coffers of virtual and real casino all the year round. They are those, who are already in anticipation of festive surprises, that the gambling clubs and Lady Luck have prepared for them. Let’s now look at what the stars have prepared for every Zodiac gambler in December!



The clouds over this sign have dispersed and the best time for gambling Aries has started. Their joy and pleasure of spending money in the casino is not the limit for now. Their winnings will plunge them into a genuine delight. Fortune promises them decent gains practically in any form of gambling, but the sweetest fruits will expect Aries in roulette. You know that there is always a “but”, don’t you!? For Aries in the very occasion this little convention means to have always increased concentration. Be careful, do not allow yourself to go into prostration and to succumb to the euphoria of winning. By the way, you will be exceptionally successful on weekends, namely Sundays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 14, 19
  • Unproductive days: 21



Systematic and measured game in accordance with the favorite strategy is just a boom-combination for the gambling Taurus. And despite the inconsolable forecasts of big wastes, you should try and remember that unexpected wins will cover them with a vengeance. In addition, in December, all will depend on Taurus himself and the power of his will. What the aim is currently put, that will be your Christmas surprise like. Do not be afraid of gambling diversity, beware of unknown peaks. Play only familiar games, with familiar strategies and especially on Mondays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 10, 17, 22, 29
  • Unproductive days: 21



Tames your zeal and do not even try to play by inertia after November. In December your powerful patron Mercury has no effect, and therefore, he is absolutely not your assistant. What to do? Stars do advise to refrain from gambling interests, even if it’s just poker with friends. Even poker with friends will empty your pockets. If you still can’t resist the gambling temptation – choose video slots. It is difficult to lose a lot of money in there. And the best day for such gambling experiments is Wednesday. Nevertheless, smile, Luck loves joyful people.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 11, 21, 25, 27
  • Unproductive days: 15, 24



Small but regular winnings will accompany Cancers the whole month. A good luck, good savings and hard work will help them collect a decent amount of money quite before the New Year. Modesty, caution, stealth, endurance and ability to stop in time are a powerful gentlemanly set of chance for Cancers. The Stars prepare the promotion for the moderate players and promise to help them in the card games. Remember, if to go to the casino at the appointed time, there is always a possibility to stumble on pleasant surprises. Tuesdays are the best time for gambling Cancers.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 7, 19, 26, 29, 30
  • Unproductive days: 10, 18



Who, except the King, can bathe in gold and applause? And judging by the pre-New Year horoscope this is not an exaggeration. For Leos the Stars prepared traditional Christmas fairy-tale with all that nice attributes: high rates, risk, excitement, adrenaline and the sea … the sea of ​​money. Any gambling initiative will be successful, any decent rate will win and any day will help you start gambling marathon. The main thing is to forget about the fear and start taking risks from the very beginning of the month. The Stars will actively help the Leos, particularly on Sundays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 14, 25, 29, 31
  • Unproductive days: 9, 16, 19



Your regularity and purposefulness in December will be mostly welcomed. This is the very fabulous month, when you will taste the fairy-tale magic and get the gifts, where they should not be. In December, you can get interested in the unexpected and unusual for you gambles. These can be slot machines or baccarat, and even bingo. Here is a catch! Rashness rates can devastate your pocket and strongly spoil the festive mood. If you still want to play and to win, then go to the casino on Wednesday, choose the usual gambles, familiar games and do not overdo it with the rates.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 16, 20, 25, 29
  • Unproductive days: 12, 13, 24



Strange to say, but in December, the representatives of this Zodiac sign suddenly decide that they can beat the casino. And that idea will get them involved with a head into gambling process. What the stars answer for such a desire? It is quite predictable – the stars favoured persistent players. The most important thing for gambling Libra charged not only a festive mood, but also enough of authoritative knowledge from the literature. Enrich the experience of seasoned players and only then go to the casino. After all, the attempts to relax and enjoy the gambling process will fail. It will be hard work that will be rewarded proportionally to your efforts. Go on, Libras, and especially on Saturdays!

  • Friendly days for excitement: 14, 20, 30
  • Unproductive days: 11, 27



What is a game for aces? It’s true enjoying their superiority. That is what will engage wise experienced and passionate Scorpions the whole December. Each game will bring the win. Each prize will amuse vanity. And so it will continue for a month. Scorpions – it’s your time to harvest over the past year. And the Star will tell where better to gather it. You will work out particularly well card games, lotteries and sports betting. But the roulette – stay far enough away from it in case if the temptation overcomes you while you are under the gambling euphoria. Friday is officially announced the best day for you to gamble.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 10, 15, 24, 27
  • Unproductive days: 17, 21, 28



The mystical union of Mars and the Sun, the increased gambling activity – it’s only half of the problem. Sagittarius can use this feature as personal advantage. But what will the Stars advise to do with excessive loquacity and inattention to details at the gambling table? The answer is simple: chasing a single motivation “to prove yourself ace all over,” may harm only your wallet. But if you do it wisely and approach every game with the intellectual point of view, rather than emotional, success will be noticeable from the very first minute. Still, it is difficult to be theoretically savvy in all the gambling spheres. Therefore, the Stars recommend you to ask advice from experienced players. But do not start small-talks during the game session. To conduct gambling experiments is better on Thursdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 5, 11, 22, 24, 28
  • Unproductive days: 6, 18, 30



December – is absolutely your month for triumph. Every day, every attempt will bear fruit. You will literally get in the whirlwind of pleasures and gambling luck. Caution should be only at the end of the month. After all, you can seriously get stuck in a scam or say goodbye to the crazy winnings. And it would be very unfortunate. Especially considering the morale state of Capricorns. It is in December, they are very vulnerable and sensitive even to the smallest manifestations of bad luck. Therefore, detractors can take advantage of this temporary weakness. Be careful and always cheerful, and look into the casino on Tuesdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 16, 19, 26, 28
  • Unproductive days: 4, 20, 23



Reasonable and balanced Aquarius in December will be his complete opposite. It could seem to relatives that they literally have another changed child, because things that Aquarius’ will do, will be absolutely not peculiar to them. Such thoughtlessness and levity can lead to total purses ruin and remorse. Measure twice, cut once is a popular wisdom, which would be more appropriate for Aquarius in December. And when the game will gain momentum Aquarius should better play not on the card, but on the opponent and his weaknesses. Just cold calculation and sober mind will allow to enjoy the games and small prizes, especially on Wednesdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 10, 22, 25, 28, 29
  • Unproductive days: 17, 23, 26



New TV? Furniture or even a car? You may find money for all these things, if in December you play right card. For Pisces this month is not simple. Where one representative of this sign may squander the salary in slot machines, the other can clean out the casino. How do you know which side you are on? Listen to your intuition. In December, it will be extremely active. The main thing to understand: that experience and excellent knowledge may not always play in your favour. Sometimes you just need to hear your inner voice. And do it better on Thursdays, especially in the daytime.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 13, 25, 28, 30, 31
  • Unproductive days: 17, 23, 26



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