May gambling fever. A bright season for jackpot hunters

May gambling horoscope Portal Mazal


Even if you are not an active hunter for fabulous prizes, but simply a fan of thrills and fun, it will be especially useful for you to know when it’s time for the big bets. If you are looking for inspiration or a decisive clue before an important bet – this is the right place!

Our gambling horoscope for May 2017 will tell exactly which of the signs of the Zodiac will be lucky, to whom the Stars have prepared a progressive jackpot, and who should listen to their intuition and take it down a notch. All about the position of the Stars and planets, about luck and the most important conditions for obtaining profit from your favourite gambling hobby.

Let’s start with the fact that May is the territory of roulette and reckless one-armed bandits. If roulette used to be taboo for you because of low winning odds, then we recommend you to try it now. During this period, both the veteran player and the gambling freshman will be able to drag a pretty penny without much effort. Do you think the spring season will be generous for prizes only regarding slot machines? Not at all! Furthermore, card games are additional reasons to succumb to the May gambling fever. A huge number of modest …and not so modest payments are awaiting for every gambler.

And now let’s see what awaits each of you.



For Aries it will be time to solve purely practical issues in May, and hence the purpose will have several mercantile outlines. This month, according to the stellar forecasts, you will need no gambling romance or good time with your friends. All that your soul desires is a profit, money and a bigger pool. This is not for nothing, because it is high time to raise the issue of financial well-being by the edge. And why you should play at all, if not win, right?

So, in May, the Stars promise you help in achieving these goals. If you are vigilant, focused and logical in your gambling strategies, luck will certainly reward your eagerness and give inspirational motivation for the entire summer season. Pay attention to gamble for “thinking”. Let it be poker or blackjack, the main thing is that in the chosen game the result depends on your skill and the proven strategy. Forget about the games of chance – slots and roulette will only bankrupt you in May.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Tuesday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 12, 18, 20, 24, 29, 30.
  • Unfavourable days: 7, 8, 11, 27



In May, the Taurus should take the bull by the horns, no matter how funny it sounded. Time of changes and active offensive, time to earn money and start new working projects or express training for new gambling. Everything, for what the Taurus would hit the ground running in May, will bring them well-deserved dividends. All the prohibitions now recede, in the gambling world. Luck is on your side and the only condition is to play only well-known and profitable in the past games.

Already in the third decade of the month, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac can count on a big jackpot, which will fully ensure the near future. Yes, this week it will be possible to experiment and test even those gambling games, which you tried to refuse in the first half of the month.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Saturday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 2,10, 14, 17, 22.
  • Unfavourable days: 4, 12, 16, 18, 27.



Gemini always like 2 sides of the same coin, and both of their essence just counterbalance each other. Same with the gambling odds for May for representatives of this sign of the Zodiac. They will play between the two extremes, but always remain within the zero profit.

Any game for Gemini will be accompanied by luck and frustrated by losses. Wherever you hit the jackpot, in exactly a few hours you will merge it at another table. Yes, not everyone will like such a star pendulum in May and only some will be able to overcome their gambling and stop after another win. But our gambling horoscope recommends not to chase after victories at all. If you like casinos, come there to relax and spend time with people who inspire you. Consider this time, as an opportunity to rest from the pursuit of the price-pools and the chance to improve yourself. Learn new strategies of your favourite games, sharpen your skills, find unexplored gambling fun. In a word, let the excitement always be with you, but in a passive state for now.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Monday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 12, 15, 21, 25, 31.
  • Unfavourable days:: 2, 7, 16, 23, 29.



Peace labor May! is a forgotten slogan, as never before describes the gambling situation for Cancers this month. It is hard work on the past mistakes and the search for new useful contacts will be the main factors for attracting gambling success to your side. Only those who really can do their best to work on themselves and their skills will be rewarded by the Stars and will receive delightful prizes.

Yes, what the Stars have prepared for you, in fact, is great. But you can get the prize money only after a persistent and long self-improvement. For all the rest of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, for those who do not wish to make much effort, and prefer to spend time in a friendly company, Lady Luck did not save anything special – you will not get any big losses or grand jackpots.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Wednesday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 13, 18, 22, 26, 27.
  • Unfavourable days: 11, 19, 25, 29, 30.



Unprecedented career growth and the resumption of long-broken, but promising working contacts are promised for Leo in May. And, however strange it may sound for lovers of universal attention and reverence, Leo will prefer to give to a charity in May. And about the gambling. Now they prefer to act as advisers rather than throw themselves into the whirlwind of adventure. But even in those rare cases when you want to revive old times and hit casino regulars with your playing skills, luck will certainly deign you and give you big surprises. The Stars are advising not to worry about your financial situation, because even those Leo who are less fortunate at work will succeed in helping to restore a positive bank in the casino.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Friday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 8, 9, 15, 19, 20-23.
  • Unfavourable days: 6, 11, 18, 28, 31.



The financial benefits are multiplying and evolving right now, just like the newborn baby grows stronger day by day. May will be very productive for those representatives of this sign of the Zodiac who do not sit still. Only a constant movement forward, self-perfection and sincere interest in each project will bring a grandiose result.

So in a gambling world – Virgo will be lucky in the casino necessarily for sure, but only after a persistent study of new strategies and proper behaviour at the card table. That’s right, you should spend the entire third decade of May at the card table. At this time, the Stars promise the highest chances to hit the big jackpot or get information that in the near future will bring a lot of cash.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Monday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 12-17, 20, 22, 27.
  • Unfavourable days: 2, 4, 8-10, 25.



The beginning and middle of May will be literally a dead season for Libra. At work and at the casino, you will be discouraged and the best thing to do is to take a tactical retreat. And if in professional terms this means not taking up new projects and putting in order the current cases, then in the sphere of gambling it is better, as they say, not to show your face in these establishments. Of course if you don’t want to be taken to the cleaners, and learn a feeling of complete disappointment.

But don’t get discouraged, the third decade of May promises to the representatives of this sign new and positive results. Perhaps you will get even a promotion at work and a solid win in card games. It is better not to spend money on roulette and video slots, because such investments will not be justified in May. But the good old hold’em is quite alright.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Wednesday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 23-27, 29, 31
  • Unfavourable days: 2-11, 16, 18, 21.



Business negotiations, official problems and overseas business trips, complex issues solving, fatigue and even fateful decisions – this month will be filled with excitement in both negative and positive ways. It is this galore of events that will once again push our Scorpio heroes to an unobtrusive and even relaxing holiday in the casino.

What happens in the casino, there must remain. The same applies for you, there is no need to be your own trumpeter to every acquaintance of your solid winnings in roulette or to turn up your nose after a successful game session on new models of slots. Just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the support that the Stars are willing to give you. After all, such gifts are especially valuable when there is no desire to apply a lot of effort and sharpen imperfect skills.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Sunday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 11,14, 17, 25-27.
  • Unfavourable days: 6, 8, 13, 22, 28.



The work will bring Sagittarius extraordinary results in May, and they will happily build on the success in the casino. Well, the Stars are not against this decision. On the contrary, they will take care of the positive result here too – in the gambling sphere.

It seems that at any table an awkward beginner, ready to part with his money, is waiting for Sagittarius everywhere right now. Well, it is wise for the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac to think about their winning strategies at their leisure and practice their skills before the big fest in the casino. The best choice for Sagittarius will be the one-armed bandits and card games, particularly blackjack. And do not be surprised because of this multifaceted advice. Luck will impress your imagination.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Wednesday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 12, 15, 18, 23, 29.
  • Unfavourable days: 6, 11, 17, 25, 30.



The beginning of May does not promise Capricorn super-profits or even positive emotions. Business and soul affairs will go on recession, and frustrated emotions are not the best advisors in gambling. Hence, a simple and unambiguous conclusion is formed: entrance in the casino is forbidden for Capricorn until the third decade of May, because even a little entertainment can turn into serious losses, which now generally inopportunely.

The financial situation can be corrected, which cannot be said about the mental state. A series of disappointments that will befall the representatives of this sign will leave a significant mark. This will interfere with further development? such as working, family or gambling, and only hard work on yourself and your skills will help to get out of this vicious cycle. Just by the end of the month Capricorns will be able to restore the balance of strength and mood. Morale will be stronger, and hence the game will be more fun. It is at the end of the month that the Stars promise consolation prizes.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Tuesday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 10, 16, 21, 23, 30.
  • Unfavourable days: 2-8, 13, 15, 24.



Gambling and Aquarius, Aquarius and gambling. The first weeks of the month do not promise anything except losses, whatever you might say. That means that the main thing that can be done is the dimensionality and calm perception of everything that happens. Do not scold luck for turning away. She just has her weekend.

Resign yourself to the way your life is shaping up, and you feel better immediately. And the actual financial increase will come to the Aquarius, as well as to most gambling signs, in the second half of the month, because it is at this time that the Stars will be located at the most favourable distance from the planets and thus create an aura of prosperity and prosperity for all.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Monday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 18-23, 26, 30, 31.
  • Unfavourable days: 11, 17, 25, 28.



There is a possibility of losses. If most gamblers listened to such warnings, then millions of lost dollars would be saved. And now this applies directly to Pisces. May fever may became deadly for your bank, if you do not follow a couple of basic rules.

Do not go to the casino in a bad mood. Your emotions turns into money, do not create a negative result. Stick only to well-known gambling games. Choose simple games that you have known since childhood and do not listen to outside advisers, they will definitely deceive you and wrap you up.

Do not be upset and be patient, it will take quite a bit. Towards the end of the month your self-control efforts will be fully rewarded. The stars promise several significant wins that will help to hold a worthy summer vacation.

  • Fortunate day for a casino visit is Sunday.
  • Friendly days for gambling: 11,12, 18, 23, 25, 27, 29.
  • Unfavourable days: 2, 6. 8, 13, 22.


May spring-summer season always presents unusual surprises for everyone who is willing to risk! Take the helm of luck under your control – the result is worth it!