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The majority of venturous gamers are used to relying on their own resources while gambling, but they won’t resist hints by the stars or signs from Fortuna. They take those things quite seriously. Gambling horoscope has become quite popular with fans of lotteries, slots, and casino visitors. This is where they can learn about benevolence of the skies and get advice on how and when to make an important decision. The horoscope will help you multiply chances to win in dozens of times, so you are welcome to read our gambling horoscope for October 2016.



Incredible things will happen to Aries – they will lose their privacy for gaming table competitors; their intentions will be as clear as an open book. They won’t be able to hide their feelings under the “poker” mask, and for this reason this month they should stay away from poker or blackjack. But in general, don’t retain from visiting a casino, because chances to line pockets are high at roulette. One more advice: it’s better to make small bets and change strategy on a regular basis. Upon getting some profit, go home – luck is changeable, and while chasing a large jackpot you may lose everything.

  • Favourable dates: October 3, 6, 7, 21, 22, 26, 29
  • Unfavourable dates for gambling: October 1, 4, 18

You’d better go to the casino on Monday.



The effect this month will make on Taurus will be similar to one of a red flag on a bull. They won’t be able to control themselves while playing cards or roulette. Taurus will be frustrated with everyone at the casino, especially the staff that are prim and deliberate at dealing cards or brining snacks or drinks. Being so agitated, it’s better not to gamble –the are chances to be cleaned out to pieces. You are likely to blame anyone for this bad luck except yourself. Still, if you wish to push your luck anyway, astrologists advice to give preference to slots that will be able to calm you down and will help retain balance of mind. Chances to win here are at the maximum level.

In case you decide to go to a gambling venue, try to do it on Thursday.

  • Favourable dates for gambling in October: 2, 3, 6, 7, 21, 23
  • Stars advise to stay away from gambling on October 9, 10, 14, 26.



Gamblers born under this zodiac sign are distinct in special talent while playing cards; some become genius at cardsharping. The rest can show off their capacities at something else, for example, at messing about something at a gaming table, which in return weakens his or her vigilance. Such an opponent at a gaming table  is an easy target for you, because this game requires being focused and attentive. If you are a novice in the gambling world, the stars will let you try some new acts and initiatives and may reward you with an unexpected gift of the destiny.

Lucky day for going to a gambling venue: Saturday

  • Stars advise to gamble on October 6, 12, 11, 22, 30
  • You’d better stay away from venturous games on October 3, 17, 28.



This zodiac sign representatives are not that venturous by their nature. Despite the fact that they don’t like to lose money from their bank and tend to think over every stake (which actually arises negative attitude by their opponents), the win does not come to them too often. For this reason venturous Cancer is used to losses on the subconscious level, and this feeling in return pushes luck away from Cancer. But things are not that incurably – the mood of these gamblers can change like the wind – 10 times a day. So, if a gambler is desperate in the morning after the recent losses, by the evening he can become self-confident and determined to win, which means it’s time for him to get lucky. Opponents under these circumstances should be really careful – Cancer is able to drive anyone to bankruptcy. His gambling style will inspire wonder, and he will leave home with the pockets full of cash. Still, he won’t be happy with the win for too long, as he can’t forget his previous losses. This is the nature of Cancer…

Luck at the casino will be with Cancer on Wednesday

  • Favourable dates for gambling: October 10, 14, 15, 19, 25
  • Unfavourable dates in October: 6, 13, 24



It’s known that this zodiac sign representatives are lazy, though quite determined in life. In the sphere of gambling Leo due to his first trait of character is not too active and will have to observe the wins of others from distance. But guesstimate of Leo will be at its height and they will give advice to other gamblers (occasionally for some percent from the money won). Still, they won’t feel like getting involved in fight for prize money at a gaming table. October for Leo will be the month of serenity. If they really want to gamble they will select quiet ways for doing so without investing too many emotional and moral efforts. Roulette or slots can satisfy these purposes best and will bring luck to Leo.

Suitable day for going to a gambling venue: Tuesday

  • The stars will be especially favourable for gambling on October 14, 17, 23, 26, 20.
  • Astrologists don’t recommend to gamble on October 8, 9, 13.



Virgo is considered to be one of the most intellectual zodiac signs. This is expressed in very serious attitude to gambling venues. For the majority of people a trip to the casino, game on slots or lottery ticket purchase is just a way of spending time with friends or having a drink, but for Virgo this is the way to earn as much money as possible. For this reason they have studied a lot on poker, blackjack or roulette, made some calculations related to chances to win the lottery, and now they wait for immediate results. Due to this attitude they gradually lose pleasure from the gambling process itself, which in return can push luck away from them and may lead to a loss and a blow to their ego. Venturous Virgo should communicate with successful gamblers as much as possible and learn from them how to be enjoy every moment of the game, to stay positive and to be happy with the wins. This will definitely lead to filling in bank accounts, because if one learns how to treat the game as an entertainment rather than the source of income, the luck will be there and not just once!

The most favourable day for visiting a gambling venue: Tuesday

  • Ideal dates for purchasing a lottery ticket are: October 15, 19, 23, 28, 30.
  • Less favourable dates: October 4, 18, 24.



The main weakness and at the same time one of the main strengths of Libra is their unpredictability. These gamers can change their decision several times a minute and keep doubting its correctness. In case of a win they consider it an “incident” and are afraid it won’t take place again. Fans of venturous entertainments born under this zodiac sign have a hard time evaluating their strengths and reacting properly to a win or a loss. All this makes a negative impact on the process of the game itself – constant doubts Libra has are annoying to their opponents; at some point they can even bust them up twice. The stars presage luck in October for the gamers who like to jeer their partners at the gaming table as well as lottery fans. In order to win they need to listen to their internal voice. Intuition should have the right answer.

Favourable day for going to the casino: Wednesday

  • The best dates in October for gambling: 15, 17, 21, 22, 26, 29, 31.
  • Astrologists advise to stay away from gambling on October 4, 16, 25.



In October Scorpios will want to show off, but it won’t lead to any results. Gamers will make ill-judged decisions regarding bets thus losing. They will then try to catch up in another game and lose again. This negative situation may put anyone off the stride – anyone but a Scorpio. Scorpio will keep fighting till the last breath even if they need to buck the tiger. Her Majesty Fortuna favours courageous and determined gamblers, that’s why chances to hit the jackpot at roulette or a slot are very high. If that takes place it’s important to stop the game immediately and return home. Otherwise you may drain the prize money very quickly.

It’s better to push your luck on Friday.

  • Dates favourable for lotteries or online slots: October 11, 17, 19. 20.
  • Astrologists recommend to stay away from gambling on October 5, 7, 21.



The stars don’t recommend Sagittarius to run venturous experiments in October. You’d better spend time on familiar games such as poker or blackjack. If you have wanted to play for high stakes for a long time, then this month will be ideal for fulfilling these plans. But don’t be too self-assured, because luck does not like such an attitude and can hit the pocket of Sagittarius quite heavily. At the same time your ill-wishers may become quite active promising perfect financial perspectives for using dishonest game tactics. But you should say “no” to such offers even if you really need cash money. And don’t forget that cardsharping can lead to horrible and shameful punishments.

You’d better visit a gambling venue on Thursday

  • Favourable dates of October: 12, 26, 29
  • You should not waste your time for gambling on October 5, 13.



Gamblers belonging to this zodiac sign should be really careful when playing at the casino at the beginning of October. Stubborn and purposeful Capricorn is used to earning a lot of money in gambling venues, so visiting the latter ones will be like going to work – without pleasure or positive emotions. This state of things cannot last long, so they are deemed to come across a set of severe losses and misfortunes. The bank for these gamers won’t just decrease, but will lead to a negative balance. So, Capricorn should make a pause and pay attention to the nearest and dearest. The stars advise to test strengths and luck in new venturous entertainments, such as a lottery of mobile intellectual monetary games.

The most suitable day for playing lottery is Saturday

  • The luckiest dates in October: 3, 12, 14, 15, 19, 25
  • Unfavourable dates: October 23, 24, 26, 29.



It takes years for gamblers to develop different tactics for playing roulette or strategies for poker, slots or blackjack. Sometimes they even use magical mantras to attract the aura of luck. But all of a sudden Aquarius comes, makes a few occasional stakes and leaves home as a winner. This throws a damper on many other gamblers and makes them doubt the logic that rewards the gamers with unprecedented luck letting them win every game without taking any special efforts. In October Aquarius will get success in roulette and new online slots. They can also push their luck at lotteries.

You’d better go to a gambling venue on Sunday.

  • Lucky dates in October: 9, 17, 22, 29, 30.
  • Fortuna won’t be gracious to you on October 5, 10, 21.



One of the main traits of character Pisces has is the ability to stop at the right moment. In case of a large win they prefer to take cash and leave home, and nothing is going to make them continue the game even if they are truly lucky. Pisces as a rule encounter a lot of stress in life, so going to a gambling venue is a sort of recreational activity, but not at all a way of earning money. In case of a loss this zodiac sign representatives don’t get upset and don’t jump for joy if they win. The stars advise them to spend time in October on card games during which intuition rather than skills will lead to a set of amazing wins.

Best day for visiting a casino: Saturday

  • Dates in October favourable for gambling: 14, 17, 27, 28.
  • Unfavourable and not lucky dates: October 9, 23.