New 888 Poker Freeroll Series

New 888 Poker Freeroll Series Portal Mazal


This is the best time to start your career as a professional poker player. You don’t even have to invest a single dime. Popular poker website 888 Poker provides you with unique opportunity.

These days 888 Poker runs tournaments with free participation (freerolls). They start hourly seven days a week. In order to play you don’t have to pay buy-in, participation is free for anyone. Prize pools range from $100 to $1000. The poker site guarantees to pay at least $500 000 during the promotion. The number of players is relatively small varying from 1200 to 1800 persons. Taking into account that many of them have never played poker before, there is the big chance that skilful player easily reaches in the money zone. 250 best players form in the money zone.

24 freerolls each day is the great opportunity to play as much as you wish and earn some money without risking your own funds.


How to Join The Fun and Play 888 Poker Freerolls?

In order to join the party and participate in the series of free to play tournaments you just need to register 888 Poker account. All 888 Poker users receive 24 tickets as soon as they claim them. You can do it in the tab “tournament tickets” in the lobby of the software of 888 Poker.

Every player is offered to play 24 freeroll tournaments. They start every hour 7 days a week. Probability of reaching ITM at least once in 24 attempts is quite high. Even if your ITM result is not massive you will get some money. That’s why prize pools are not big. Anyway you can use your winnings to receive 24 more tickets. All you need to do is to play just 10 real money ring game hands.

In order to play ring game you just need to have at least $0,40 on your account. If you reach ITM of any freeroll tournament you will get enough money to join ring games.

So, just give your best shoot and be patient. You will have good chances of winning some money! It means that you will be able to win real money! Then you can start your poker career with some kick off funds or just use the money to buy something nice for yourself. Many successful poker players started their careers in the same manner. They won freerolls. So, why not to try to follow the path of success?

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