Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Your check-list to play 1000+ players freerolls

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Freeroll is the free poker tournament. You don’t have to pay buy-in to participate in it. However players who managed to reach ITM stage receive real money prizes. Many poker rooms launch freerolls to attract new players and promote their sites.

There are different freerolls available. For instance, players can compete for tiny prize pools like $10 or $100. At the same time poker rooms can launch freerolls with enormously large prize pools – from $1000 to $10 000. However you should keep in mind that the bigger is the prize pool the more participants you will face during a freeroll.



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Let us show you check-list. It will help you beating freerolls with 1000+ participants.

  1.  On early stages of a tournament (when players push all-in with basically any hands to double up or got knocked out) you should fold everything except premium hands like AA, KK and QQ. Be patient, don’t start playing unless you have a monster hand. Let maniacs knock each other out. You will have your chance to show your skills. Fold even AKs unless you are sure that you will face just one competitor. Remember that your AK hand has only 38% of winning against three opponents.
  2.   On the early stages of a tournament avoid playing when you have several competitors behind you. Remember that the more players push all-in the less odds you have. Even if you were lucky enough to get pocket Aces.
  3.   If you received AA, KK or QQ on the early stages, avoid slow playing. Your goal is to push before the flop and isolate most opponents. The ideal situation is when 1-2 players call your push.
  4.   Try to find out what is the range of hands of your opponents who start playing. There will be just 1-2 maniac players left in 5-10 minutes at your table. They will become your main target. Do you remember what kind of hands they had?
  5.   Don’t forget that there are different players not just maniacs. Some of your opponents are absolutely adequate and strong poker players. Don’t push with speculative hands.
  6.   Avoid bluffing. Bluff is useless. Opponents won’t believe you, they don’t have anything to lose, they didn’t pay to participate in a freeroll.
  7.   When you face adequate opponents during middle stages of a tournament fold any hands except AJo+, A9s, 99+.
  8.   When you get quite strong hands you will need to select your strategy carefully. It should depend on your position and actions of other players. If you are in early position you should play only premium hands. If someone from the right placed a bet you should also avoid playing with weaker hands.
  9.  It is wise to play only JJ+, AK and AQ from the early position.
  10.   When you open betting, place 3-4 big blinds bets. If you face 3-bet fold all hands except AA, KK, QQ and AK that are fine to shove with.
  11.   You can play with AJo+, A9s, 99+ from the button. If blinds 3-bet you it is fine to call and start attacking on flop, turn and river. Shove preflop if you have AA, AK, KK or QQ. With other hands just choose call.
  12.  If someone placed bets before you (and he is not a maniac), 3-bet him with premium hands (QQ+, AK).
  13.  3-bet should be 3 times bigger than initial bet of your opponent.
  14.  If you were aggressive preflop keep betting on flop. Use cont bet even if flop were disappointing. In most situations flops don’t help opponents either. Therefore they are ready to fold.
  15.  Avoid cont bets when you didn’t get needed cards on the flop and you face more than one opponent.
  16.  Try to steal blinds of shortstackers during bubble stage. Such players try to hang in and reach ITM stage. They are ready to give away their blinds avoiding any risk.
  17.  If you have small stack on the bubble (up to 10 big blinds) you will have to face high pressure from the players with big stacks. They will try to steal your blinds thinking that your goal is to survive. Don’t be afraid to call push with 33+ and any A+. In most situations you will face bluffing opponents and will get the excellent chance to double up.
  18.  When your stack is less than 12 BB avoid calling and mini bets. Push or fold is the best strategy.
  19.  When you reach ITM stage evaluate your stack’s size and decide what is better. You can play passively hoping to over sit your opponents. Or you can start attacking hoping to increase your stack. Your strategy should depend on prize pool distribution scheme. Check your current position and what your prize is so far. Compare potential winning with winning you can get if you double up.
  20.  Make sure to use your time bank. Let other players sitting at other tables battle with each other. You will climb higher when other players got knocked out.

We suggest give your shot at 100K Privilege Freeroll. Prize pool is $1000. The tournament is run by PokerStars daily. There are four tournaments every day. You can also compete for $14 000 prize pool in PokerSchool Open Skill League at PokerStars.

There is another great freerool available for Full Tilt Poker clients. The prize pool is $250. It is run every Sunday.

You will also manage to find other freerolls with 1000+ participants. Check PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and other poker rooms.


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