August gambling fever. The Velvet season for jackpot hunter

August gambling fever. The Velvet season for jackpot hunter Portal Mazal


If you're looking for inspiration or small tips before the decisive bet – you took the right direction! Our gambling horoscope for August will tell which of the Zodiac signs would be the luckiest, whom the stars predict a progressive jackpot, and whom the logic tells to slow down. Only accurate information about the current stars and planets position, bout luck and win-win conditions.

Let's start with the fact that August and the beginning of September – is a right time for blackjack. If you only watched the game in films, then we highly recommend you try it. This month a novice player as well as an experienced one can become an owner of a mega jackpot without any effort. Do you think the Velvet season is generous with wins for card lovers only? Certainly not! Slot machines – is another reason to plunge into the August gambling fever. Many small but frequent gains are a must this time.


Well, let's see what the end of the summer has prepared for each of you.



Despite the fact that March and December are the most favourable months for Aries, in August, they should try their luck right since the middle of the month. 16, 25, 27 – these days are truly magical and extremely profitable.


Venturous Taurus can always find support in close friends and relatives. Surely, it was all actual during 2015. Fortunately, since July your black band is over. Stars prepared for you pleasant surprises in card games: baccarat, blackjack and all that is for the end of August: 22nd, 23rd and 26th.


The whole 2015 – is one continuous streak of luck. The words «luck at every turn» acquire a new incredible shade in relation to Gemini. Try yourself in almost any gambling game, and do not be afraid to experiment. August - is your month!


When to catch your luck, instead of August 2015? The end of the month (from 22nd to 28th) is your lucky ticket for the express train of huge wins and even jackpots. The only thing to do is always hear your inner voice. Only its tips will save you from failure bets and help to break the bank.


Cold tactical thinking and the highest concentration are the only components of the Leo’s success. Still, no rush! Venturous Leos should be extremely careful and choosy in their preferences. The middle of the month is perfect for the lottery.


Whether it is slots or lottery Virgo are always relaxed and in harmony with these games. The end of this month will mark a landmark. From August 21st until 30th, they can expect good luck and success in every online game.


The old strategy is better than two new ones. Representatives of this Zodiac sign should take a caution to give in to passion and experiments. No slots and numbers of 3 or 9. Only old and proven games can bring worthy prizes.


Savings and deliberation should become constant companions for Scorpio. They need to give up expensive purchases and big bets. The best choice for them in August is a classic roulette.


Wanna jackpot? Well, you’ll have to work hard! To get the fruit in August Sagittarius need to learn the basic strategies of slots and roulette. 16th, 18th, 23rd are the most favourable days for the money.


Anointed of luck – that's about them. To get in courage and do not puzzle about the consequences – the only dream of every gambler. Still only Capricorn are lucky that much! 13th, 19th and 27th of August, and only classic games with simple rules - that is the recipe of success!


In August, for Aquarius there is the only rule: the greater the risk – the bigger the win! Still, if something went wrong at first – get rid of it without any hesitation! There are so many different games to get lucky. The Luck will accompany you the whole month: 13, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, and 30.


Venturous Pisces will get everything they achieved the past few years with persistence and hard work. Now they can relax and enjoy pleasant moments. A special good luck is waiting for Pisces in slots 21st and 29th of August.


The Velvet season is always full of pleasant surprises for everyone who decided to take a chance! Take the fortune into your own hands – it's worth the game!


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