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Gambling horoscope is created for those gamers and luck seekers who find it important to know when exactly they need to make more efforts to win and when, vice versa, stay away from gambling. This gambling horoscope was made by professional astrologers. Lovers of online slots, roulette, slot machines or poker can find out if the star signs are favourable for the specific time. Professional advice of our astrologers will increase chances to win for each and every gambler. 



Aries will have luck in case they gable together with their family members, as the latter ones will bring them extra fortune. So, invite your brothers, sisters, cousins to gamble, or ask them to simply sit together at the computer and play poker, roulette or a slot. As soon as it comes to the winning session, stay careful and do not give way to your emotions, otherwise luck may turn away.  

  • Lucky day of the week: Tuesday
  • Lucky lottery numbers: 12, 27, 34, 49, 72, 13
  • Auspicious dates for gambling:  August:  3, 17, 30 
  • Unfavourable dates: August 10, 11, 18



During the last summer month Taurus will have to work hard to keep balance in mind. It’s important, otherwise Taurus may become uncontrolled, which in return may lead to mistakes and disorientation in gambling. Competitors will take advantage of these provoking gashes of anger. Still, if Taurus is able to remain calm and man up, significant win is guaranteed. So, if you feel like you are losing control over your emotions calm down and keep gambling. Otherwise you’d better stop. 

  • Lucky day of the week for playing a lottery: Friday
  • Lucky numbers: 10, 16, 17, 53, 60, 15
  • Auspicious dates in August:  13, 24, 31
  • Unfavourable dates: August 1, 4, 28, 29 



If you find out that the plans that were made long before August will have to be postponed, don’t get disappointed. You’d better arm yourself with patience, and Fortune will smile at you. Due to fickleness and dual nature, venturous people belonging to this sign of zodiac tend to prefer intellectual games, such as poker or roulette. To win something significant you need to become reserved, because extra emotions may affect the sum of the prize money. There exists a possibility to expand social network and meet someone who will be happy to assist you in gambling and beyond. 

  • Most favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Wednesday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 10, 16, 36, 41, 65, 03
  • Auspicious dates in August: 16, 22, 24
  • Unfavourable dates: August: 2, 7, 16, 21  



Gamblers born under the zodiac sign of Cancer enjoy calm nature and emotional stability. They absolutely love to try all the new online gambling opportunities. But you should not indulge yourself into all these modern entertainments completely – it’s quite possible to lose all the savings including those saved against a rainy day. Luck can also be fast-changing and many-sided – don’t forget about it. In August you can push your luck at lotteries, as a chance for winning is really high. 

  • Most favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Monday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 04, 21, 38, 46, 65, 02
  • Best dates for going to casinos or playing online slots: August 15, 20, 26. 
  • Unfavourable dates: August: 10, 13, 18, 28  



In August Leo has a chance to reveal talent potential and demonstrate all his abilities in the most favourable way. The most important thing to do under the circumstances is to throw away fear and constraint. It’s possible that friends or relatives will suggest that you join them in playing poker or a lottery or going to the casino. Just go for new adventures, and the luck will be on your side – you can even win an incredible amount of money. If this does not happen though don’t get disappointed – you will still get a lot of positive emotions and groundwork for more opportunities. 

  • Most favourable day for playing a lottery: Sunday
  • Most lucky numbers: 12, 29, 47, 65, 68, 04
  • Auspicious dates in August: 2, 9, 18
  • Unfavourable dates: August 11, 12, 21, 22, 29



Gamblers belonging to this zodiac sign constantly encounter inside rivalry – on the one hand they take gambling very seriously and have a reverential attitude to venturous entertainments considering them one of the inexhaustible source of income. But at the same time they are afraid to lose everything and get scared at the gambling table. In August the first tendency will predominate over the second one due to financial constraints. In case you see lots of Virgos at the poker table or playing roulette in August, don’t be surprised, as they will have luck, especially when playing poker or blackjack. It won’t take long to grasp the cards game session and determine your own winning strategy, which will help in winning. And one more thing – try to play carefully and don’t forget that apart from income the game can also bring pleasure. 

  • Most favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Wednesday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 28, 30, 49, 54, 66, 17
  • Favourable dates for visiting gambling venues: August 3, 11, 26
  • Unfavourable dates: August 10, 13, 18, 19  



It’s an incontestable fact that Libras are very good natured and humble. Thanks to these traits they treat all the gambling opportunities with incredible calmness considering them a happy and exciting adventure. If previously you did not really enjoy slot machines, August is the month when the stars will support you in these activities. Thanks to intuition and luck playing online slots you can trust to win a substantial amount of money. But be careful and think over every step you take. Try to relax and enjoy the game leaving all the problems behind. 

  • Most favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Friday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers in August: 04, 16, 48, 59, 69, 06
  • Favourable dates for going to a casino: August 4, 29, 31
  • Stay away from gambling on August 2, 11, 16, 17, 26, 30. 



August is normally quite an emotional month for those born under this zodiac sign. This means that you should exercise self-control. To win a large sum of money you will need to take advantage of your well developed intellect. The star signs say that you can get lucky in less popular or intellectual games, such as poker in all of its variations. If you have a lucky charm, it will bring you extra powers in August. Develop new gaming methods and schemes – they may become prize winning. 

  • Most favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Tuesday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 10, 24, 44, 52, 68, 01
  • Most favourable dates for gambling:  August 1, 18, 22
  • Unfavourable dates: August 10, 14, 27, 28



August will be associated with financial difficulties caused by gamers themselves. Normally those born under this zodiac sign easily achieve high professional level in playing cards which does not release them from remaining adventurous at heart. Thanks to this they can run the risk and even try forbidden moves. If the first cardsharping experience is positive, Sagittarius may get out of his depth. Only ability to downplay emotions will help get back to reality. This time frame though has one positive side – your capabilities for acting will be significantly improved, which is very important for playing poker. This is the month for experimenting which should be spent with proper carefulness and necessity to count income. 

  • Ideal day of the week for purchasing a lottery ticket: Thursday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 07, 30, 44, 58, 69, 08
  • Auspicious dates in August:  3, 10, 12, 30 
  • Unfavourable dates: August 1, 11, 12, 21, 29



Nowadays Capricorns are becoming deep-rooted materialists. These games learned to see perspectives in new types of venturous entertainments and do their best to achieve the level of proficiency aimed at reaching their goals. At other time frames game was something insignificant for Capricorns, but in August they will pay more attention to gambling opportunities – be it a casino or an online poker venue, or slot machines. Poker will bring good benefits; also good prize money can be won playing roulette or craps. During gaming session the monetary side may prevail, which in return may lead to losing pleasure of gambling. But this will not prevent you from getting good prize money. 

  • Favourable day for lottery: Saturday
  • Lucky lottery ticket numbers: 18, 22, 36, 38, 43, 14
  • Auspicious dates in August:  7, 15, 25
  • Unfavourable dates: August 5, 8, 14, 19, 29



To be successful in gambling Aquarius in August will need to make use of intuition that is typical for this zodiac sign representatives. While playing roulette or lottery Aquarius does not normally make use of all possible schemes and tactics, because what they really enjoy is diversity. This month will bring you luck. They say that Aquarius is the luckiest in hitting jackpots. Winning a lottery or poker game try to hide your emotions from others – this will only be for your betterment. This month will be ideal for practicing your professional poker skills. Even if you lose take it as a valuable experience – it is more important than money. 

  • Favourable day for lottery: Saturday
  • Lucky numbers: 03, 20, 23, 40, 61, 23
  • Auspicious dates in August:  1, 4, 26
  • Unfavourable dates: August  7, 21, 29



The first decade of August will be quite relaxed for Pisces. In the middle of the month you will have desire to increase your skills in favourite games, which may be a bit stressful. If that happens, the best way to chill out is to push your luck on new online slots. This entertainment will help Pisces turn away from daily fuss and problems and to get significant bank rise. Still, don’t forget that your main games are poker and blackjack. If you don’t pay special attention to them, you may get out of shape. 

  • Favourable day for purchasing a lottery ticket: Thursday
  • Lucky lottery numbers: 16, 35, 36, 49, 58, 13
  • Favorable dates to visiting a casino: August  26, 27, 29
  • Unfavourable dates for gambling:  August  8, 10, 18, 19





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