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How can a gambler to go along without auxiliary devices and techniques to attract good luck and analyse their own actions? How should gamblers choose the most favourable days for visiting casino and the most profitable gambling craze? Such issues are always accompanied by fortune seekers and those who relied on the case of a share more than their skills. Many modern luck-hunters just need the support of the Stars, because a rich variety of gambling entertainments and casinos can easily besot the inexperienced players and make confused even the experienced ones.

Our gambling horoscope for March 2016 drawn up with the support of Lady Luck and is based solely on the expert advice of the Stars themselves. Here you will find tips for every gambling day and the best solutions to maximise profits.



Aries, March is certainly your month, but today, more than ever, you need a support of the experienced comrade. It is in March, you can act irrationally and lost all the savings. To play roulette and not to squandered all the money Aries will only be able while listening to the advice of experienced gamblers. Every trip to the casino has to be marked by a specific purpose - whether it is an idle pastime or pursuit for the jackpot. Stars recommend to visit these places on Sundays and to get bigger profit Aries should better stop at card games.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 9, 14, 23
  • Unproductive days: 25, 27, 30



March does not leave anyone indifferent and calm. This month comes to life not only within the nature. Like March cats, representatives of the sign will be uncontrollable and prone to mood swings and health. Most often it will be on the top, but it does not help to achieve the heights at work, in household matters or in the casino. In such a windy, almost weightless state you should not get involved in gambling, if there’s no confidence in your abilities. Take a seat at the card table, being 100% confident in your knowledge and practical skills. And the most important thing not to give in to provocations at the table. Now you are too easy to be knocked out of balance, and if that fails, you can get bogged down in a protracted depression. Choose Saturday for the gambling adventure and be vigilant.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 7, 19, 24
  • Unproductive days: 11, 26, 28



Luck is the only word to describe the diversity of positive events and experiences that will be waiting for the Gemini on every corner. The most surprising thing about this month is an incredible ability to be a master of every situation and in the right emotional state to control any situation. Any business will pan out to bright representatives of this sign, all things will bring maximum profit and gambling hobbies will provide not that big, but the constant winnings. In March Gemini will be able to raise their credibility in the eyes of business partners and authorities. To do this, they just need to relax together in the casino. In a relaxed holiday atmosphere Gemini will be able to conduct complicated negotiations and close large contracts due to their ability to control any situation and make a profit where others might fold. The most successful day for casino is Wednesday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 2, 18, 22, 29, 30
  • Unproductive days: 12, 26, 28



For Cancers, unfortunately, March has prepared a series of bad luck, and only small glimpses of successful betting in card games, unless Cancers can overcome the reluctance to communication with people. This month they will oppress the low level of their own solvency and unrealistic dreams of material desires. Of course, it would be logical to go to the casino and improve their financial situation, but not this time. The casino, as we know, does not like the melancholic. If the desire for luck and gambling overcomes you, it is better to do it right at home on a cozy couch, playing video slots online. This playing machines can bring small but fine profit come in March. Stars advised to be optimistic and select Tuesdays for gambling entertainment.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 4, 15, 20, 22, 24
  • Unproductive days: 13, 21, 29



The March for Leos will be a very active month in terms of excitement. Representatives of this sign will feel unprecedented self-confidence and will endeavour to try themselves in some new and more interesting gambling spheres. The intuition will prompt the Leos the right strategy and most likely winning combinations. Representatives of this sign would seem that all the luck is on their side. And they are partly right. Lucky winnings will not take long, and especially beginners will be very lucky. Visiting the casino, you should always listen to your inner voice and intuition. It will lead you to a great gaming achievements. Stars, in turn, advise to pay attention to the roulette and bet on red. The right number will tell you the inner guide. It is best to indulge in gambling on Saturdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 3, 15, 24, 27, 30
  • Unproductive days: 8, 16, 29, 31



Significant money wasting in March can leave Virgos hopelessly exhausted, but it in no way affect their state or mood. To renew the resources Virgo could in any of the available ways, and certainly they will not be squeamish going to the casino. And it's the right decision! It is promised the tremendous gains in March for the representatives of this sign and the sea of ​​vivid impressions and new experiences. This is the month when any new initiative will be successful and will fill up your pocket. Any game of chance in a couple of parties will become your favourite and very profitable. Even being a beginner, the Virgo will be able to leave behind the seasoned gamblers and high rollers. Be prepared to break the bank, but do not overspend. The casino is better to visit on Friday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 5, 12, 28, 31
  • Unproductive days: 1, 13, 20, 24



For Libras March will be very lucrative, because the Stars foreshadows potential big winnings. However, there is always a "but." For Libras is very important to stay sober and to adequately assess the situation. To beat the opponents and the casino is possible while being sober, because even small amounts of alcohol can make Libras cheeky, inattentive and too talkative, which will serve extremely bad service for the representatives of this sign in the casino. You should pay attention to the roulette and slot machines – these are the likely spheres to receive small but steady winnings. Of course the fortune will keep up with the bad luck, but do not despair, because the Libra can benefit from any situation. The best day to visit the casino is Sunday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 7, 12, 22, 30
  • Unproductive days: 1, 23, 26



To make deliberated decisions in March will be very difficult for Scorpios, which would entail a series of ill-conceived and failure rates in card games. Such events can catch the ego of representatives of the sign and develop a burning desire for revenge. This is the most wrong decision of the month. Recoup in such conditions is equivalent to throwing money down the drain. If you are caught up with a series of misfortunes, it is necessary to put up with what is happening and simply walk away from the casino. It is necessary to wait for a favourable moment, which incidentally falls on the period from 14 to 17 March, and at that time only to catch up. It will be easy to do that at the card table or slots. Stars advise Scorpios to go to the casino on Monday, do not take too much risk, and always rely on the advice of more experienced players.

  • Friendly excitement for days 11, 13, 15, 17, 29
  • Unproductive days: 5, 9, 27



Reasonable Sagittarius always prefers to act and think in a measured strategy. But March priorities its own way and brings a slice of adventure in any situation. It is in March sensible Sagittarius can think about cheating and try sharper’s techniques in practice, in the casino. Of course, is not worth it! You risk to be disgraced and expelled from the gaming institution. The main thing for Sagittarius in March to stay calm and rely on themselves only. They should completely ignore any suggestions from strangers and even from the friends. Only their own intuition will bring the coveted prizes. The Stars, in turn, advise to pay attention to slot machines and succumb gambling hobbies on Thursdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 9, 22, 29, 31
  • Unproductive days: 17, 20, 30



Capricorn will hold in March in a good mood and state. All previously acquired knowledge will be useful to them during this month and will help to get the most profit and pleasure from any game of chance. What should Capricorn this month pay attention to? For additional informative literature, because each new knowledge and skills will be repaid a hundredfold. Also it is necessary to understand that for the representatives of this sign there is doubt for winning, there is the only concern about the proper disposal of the money. After all, there is a good chance to succumb to excessive generosity that can completely nullify all previous efforts. Therefore, the Stars insist on careful handling of any winnings, and visiting the casino on Tuesdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 20, 21, 26
  • Unproductive days: 4, 15, 23



The most rates of Aquarius will play into his hands. Most often, it will happen at roulette and cards. The most important in March for Aquarius to choose the right days for the trip to casino and the total immersion in an atmosphere of excitement. Even in spite of the meager gaming skills every Aquarius will be able to put together a good fortune in the casino, and this will attract a lot of attention. It is worth remembering that everything is changing, especially in the gambling establishments. And if the first half of March will be very favourable to Aquarius, the end of the month will bring only losses - not a single bet on roulette will play and the cards will literally fall from the hands and bring the disappointment. The Stars strongly recommend to be vigilant, to listen to the inner voice and choose Saturday for visiting a casino.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 20, 22, 29
  • Unproductive days: 19, 26, 28



Gambling qualification of Pisces, so to speak, always left something to be desired, because most of the representatives of the sign relied solely on luck and not honed their skills in any of the games. Now the times have changed, and to earn money in a casino, you need to put a lot of efforts (to study the profile literature, conduct training hours and create your own strategy for each Gambling). Fortuna, as before, will accompany you, but only with the hard preparation for the game. In addition, it is important to carefully look for signs that the Stars send and listen to your own intuition. The best time to visit gambling establishments is Wednesday.

  • Friendly excitement for days 13, 20, 21, 24, 29
  • Unproductive days: 11, 27, 30, 31


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