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Magnificent landscapes and sunsets, charming mountain peaks and pink sandy beaches, unforgettable aromas of southern cuisine and the real freshness of a salty breeze are amazing things that seduce us and touch deep upon the soul. These are all summer time – the time full of relaxation and bright adventures. Some of us has already enjoyed the wonders and benefits of hot summer days and somebody are still waiting to jump into the whirlwind of new emotions and bright impressions.

It actually does not matter where are you right in the moment. Whether you try to catch your luck in the gambling beach house or gather free spins in online casino you will definitely enjoy with our competent gambling horoscope, which can tell your poker fortune and help o save and win big money.



Sensitive and impulsive Aries are already marked with a fortune. The Stars can’t tell this time to be very efficient and productive or unlucky still you should try your best and gamble your favourite games. Even though you would live through the whole set of emotions, starting from the baby joy and surprises up to loses and disappointment, the result of these carousels will be surprisingly great.  

Zebra of wins and losses will become your every time partner and you should accept it as the real state of things. Only accepting the real situation will help you win and do it in the most unforgettable way. You can even beat the fortune by choosing those gambling activities that welcome your wild and restless temper. You should better choose joyful atmosphere of roulette or the company of one hand bandit instead of dull and long poker hands. Never be afraid of luck’s changes because the final word will always be yours. In fact, it is the Aries’ intuition which will always bring wins to them. Saturdays are the best days to visit casino and the main thing to hold in mind is to believe to yourself only. 

  • Friendly days for gambling: 16, 22, 27, 29, 31
  • Disadvantageous days: 19, 21, 30



There is no one and nothing to help Taurus in July. The Stars takes time-out and the representatives of this sign are to rely on themselves only. Still always careful Taurus never had the real gambling instinct and therefore they would better spend all the summer on a sun lounger under an umbrella, instead of risky visiting gambling houses.

Though those Taurus who would actually chose the second, should come to casino with stony strategy and the beat possible preparations. The main things for gambling representatives of this sign are to choose the games wisely, think careful over the tactics and plan the appropriate sums of money which are not too big to lose in case of failure. In July Taurus have all chances to win but only in those games, where they are professionals and where they can build strong tactics and use mathematical approaches. Only the gambles where Taurus rely to himself will bring him great wins. You should go to casino with sober mind, in joyful mood and on Thursdays. 

  • Friendly days for gambling: 13, 17, 19, 21, 27
  • Disadvantageous days: 4, 25, 30



Momentary desires and emotional impulses will not be the best advisors for Gemini in casino. In July you should visit casino with a friend or balanced relative and rely on those who can always look at the situation with sober mind and give competent advice.

July for representatives of this sign will become a milestone at a crucial period, when you are free to play and experiment. But be careful and don’t take too much fanaticism. The most part of bets will definitely play this time, but on the one condition – if they are quite small. The Stars do not encourage squanders and this month Gemini can be severely punished for being too generous in some bets. It can seem that July won’t bring money for summer vacation, but things are a bit different. Small wins on small bets will not help to relax on Bermuda, still they are completely capable of providing fun time spending and covering the daily expenses. Furthermore, caution and restraint in all the idle wastes will protect your budget from unexpected embarrassments. Visit a casino on Mondays and be sure that the real summer heat is yet to come for you.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 11, 18, 20, 27, 29
  • Disadvantageous days: 6, 13, 26



A series of gambling teats waits for Cancers in July. Unfortunately, this month does not predict any great wins for frugal and very moderate naysayers. The representatives of this sign have a very strongly developed intuition, and it will recommend them to be even more prudent and not to give up even a cent. And it’s damn right! The Stars also advise Cancers to be very careful. Even if you choose to gamble, you should find those games where you have confidence in the result.

Poker or bridge will become the best choice for Cancers. Still if you are not strong in those gambling amusements, you ought not try your luck in casino at all. Such wise decision will save your money and substantially improve your well-being, because in July any monetary waste or at least the loss of small amounts of money will drive you to great difficulties. If Cancers decide to visit the casino, it is better to do this on Friday.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 4, 11, 17, 22, 26
  • Disadvantageous days: 3, 12, 13



Cheap epatage and constant playing on the audience will be the worst Leos’ choice this month. In July literally every Leo will want to surpass themselves, opponents and even the entire system of the casino, considering that the king of the mountain is above all the Stars. Still, as they say, such mistakes are not excusable, and the pride has always been one of the major deadly sins, which does not lead to good.

This month won’t become an exception. Every attempt to beat the casino will not succeed. There are, of course, a small chance of a great win, but even it won’t make a profit. Having won at once, Leo couldn't stop and would play out to the last penny. So the deliberate and measured game remains the best way to succeed in July. Only those games that you know well, the time-tested tactics and modest bets can bring the desired satisfaction from the victories. Only wise thought out approach and balanced strategy and only on Saturdays will make you the real king.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 9, 11, 18, 22, 30
  • Disadvantageous days: 4, 13, 17



Quiet and measured Virgos will turn into super saving and even greedy players in July. Each bet in casino will be literally torn from the heart. That is why the improbable hopes will be put on every bet. If the case of losing even small amounts of money happens, Virgos can fall into a deep and protracted depression. That is why the Stars advise you to keep out from idle vacillation in the casino.

If you approach gambling in a more practical way, the losses may not happen at all. The natural ingenuity of Virgos will help them to adjust to any situation on the card table. The elaborated strategy of the game and small but frequent bets will bring good income. Despite the warnings, the Stars still favour Virgos who choose poker. This is the only table where luck will definitely come to gambling Virgos. It is better to try your luck in the casino on Sundays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 3, 11, 17, 18, 25, 27
  • Disadvantageous days: 5, 20



Prudence and fear of making even the most usual solutions are the main traits of all Libras and, as it’s not strange, they are the negative ones. It would seem that it is no bad in the careful deliberation of all choices, but Libra knows how to turn it to slow and awkward process. That’s why all the other casino players think them to be grumpy and irritable.

So what do the Stars advise gambling Libras, who can't imagine their life without casino? The answer is quite simple –the desired victory won’t be achieved with long meditations. It is better for you to rely on momentary inspiration and to experiment. It is better to try new games and entertainment constantly. The Stars suggest the roulette to be the best place to win in July. So do not hesitate, go to the roulette table and make small, but frequent bets. Tuesday will be your lucky day in July.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 3, 9, 13, 24, 30
  • Disadvantageous days: 7, 19, 20



Savvy and witty Scorpios always have a few spare moves and plans that help them to be on top in casino. July will not become an exception and it will bring a sea of positive emotions and of course good prize money. Scorpios love good games, and especially love difficult situations. They are not interested in easy victories, so the Stars have prepared many surprises for them.

Any card game would be highly successful even if you're newbie at the table. In July, the Scorpios will become really notable visitors of the casino, which will become the living legends and heroes of the stories. The Stars did not predict such a great luck for a long time. You should use it! Come to the casino on Thursdays and experiment at the card tables.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 7, 11, 15, 21, 27
  • Disadvantageous days: 9, 23, 30



Calmness and self-possession on the outside and seething maelstrom of contradictions on the inside are the part of true nature of the Sagittarius. This are the traits that determine their luck. The representatives of this sign may be lucky in one game and slow in the other. Therefore, the Stars recommend to practice a restrained approach towards the selection of games and bets rather than to rush from one extreme to another.

Sagittarius’ own intuition will play the important role in July. Now it is sharpened like never before, and certainly will tell the right way to win. Therefore, the favour of Stars and ultra-sensitive internal radar will provide Sagittarius with a real gambling boom, which will be crowned with many victories and big wins in July. Sunday is your lucky day and the best time for gambling leisure.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 4, 12, 19, 20, 24
  • Disadvantageous days: 10, 17, 29



Capricorns just do not know how to relax in a casino as the other signs of the Zodiac do. They consider it only as an efficient way of making good money. Therefore, the representatives of this sign think of the gambling houses seriously, just like about the work. Capricorns do not accept losses at all. As far as all the work is done well, it must always be paid. And they do this exciting work pretty well!

Capricorns do not get hung up on supper great strategies and do not build long lasting tactics, they do not actually like to spend too much time on each hand. That is all because they know the fact that the luck always keeps pace next to the preparedness and gaming skills. And the luck is the one which all the wins depends on. So the Stars advise Capricorns the things they knew themselves. The representatives of this sign should pay special attention to one-armed bandits, bingo and roulette in July. Here they will be extremely lucky, especially on Wednesdays.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 7, 11, 14, 22, 29
  • Disadvantageous days: 3, 16, 27



July will be a bit different from the rest of the year, because this month Aquarius will be very lucky as well. This time their luck will not depend on Stars, but on their internal valuable assets. The representatives of this sign, like no other, possess a rare and very valuable sense – the sense of true betting. Their intuition is so strong that it can tell the right decision in any situation. And as soon as Aquarius learns to feel and correctly interpret the advice of his subconscious – there could be hardly found another equal gambler.

In any case this month will result in extraordinary success for Aquarius. And moreover, if you're a beginner, you can expect for a double bonus from the Fortune. Representatives of this sign are probably the only players capable to beat even a casino. To do it on Mondays is the best choice.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 8, 14, 17, 27, 30
  • Disadvantageous days: 7, 12, 22



Economical, reasonable, balanced and not prone to squandering Pisces will be able to get a lot of positive emotions in July and of course to get out of casino good winnings. You know, there's always a "but". In the very case it is the doubts that have always plagued the Pisces while taking any decision. In casino it may do a disservice. It is not necessary for Pisces to pay much attention to details, which are not fundamental. Because while being in the state of rethinking and hesitation you may miss important tips from the fate that can bring you big wins.

The Stars advise Pisces to draw attention to poker in July. Here you could use your natural ability to bluff. This rare gift will bring you victory after victory. The Stars also advise you not to be afraid of new experiments. This month they will be very successful… but do not make big bets. Play on Fridays and take every win.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 10, 12, 17, 18, 26
  • Disadvantageous days: 16, 19, 29


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