Lucky Horoscope February

Lucky Horoscope February


The year of Ginger Monkey will be filled with bright acquaintances, memorable events and powerful energy, because the mistress of the Chinese Year are cheerful, happy, loves the experiments and learning new things. In February this baggage, in association with the Stars, prepared something interesting for every gambler. Wanna see?



The third week of February is the most successful for this Zodiac sign. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the maximum benefit for your personal pocket during such a lucky period. However, the skills should be better left for another time, this time you can trust the fortune. Slot machines will fit for this purpose, since winning here depends on luck. But even stars advise to refrain from gambling adventures in bad days, because this month their unlucky force increases up to 2 times. The most successful day for visiting a casino is Tuesday.

  • Friendly days of excitement: 3, 6, 23
  • Unproductive days: 15, 26, 29



For Taurus novice in the gambling field February will be unsuccessful and hence any manifestation of fortune will be passive for them. The favour of the Stars will be a decisive factor in winning, but the result of hard work, the right strategy and personal exposure will make a good win. For regular casino customers Fire Monkey advises not to disclose the plans, it could turn away good luck. The most profitable will become poker or blackjack. And in general the luck will come in cards! It is necessary to limit the intake of alcoholic beverages and it does not matter whether you win or lose - you can go home without any funds due to excessive generosity or ill-rates, the reason of which may become alcohol. It’s better to visit the gambling establishments on Wednesday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 3, 8, 18, 28
  • Unproductive days: 7, 24



The main role in February will be played by your intuition. It is right now the Stars advice to play roulette paying the only attention to the inner voice. Because each player has its own distinctive features and nonverbal clues to interpret that you can win a fortune. Do not be stubborn, if you currently burned some of your bets in roulette you can always sit back and take it out on the slot machines. Keep in mind that excessive stubbornness this month is bound to cause frustration. The favourable day of the week to visit the casino is Sunday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 9, 12, 19, 24
  • Unproductive days: 6, 16



February will be for Cancer a mediocre month, and therefore every step, every bet should be carefully considered. If you find a bad game – just get another favorite pastime. But for learning and improve the gaming skills - it's a great time. Stars advised to read more books and manuals on winning at the casino. This will allow you to look at the process of the game with other, more experienced, eyes. All this will bring good luck in the future. Friday - that's the best day to visit the casino.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 6, 19, 20
  • Unproductive days: 3, 29



This Zodiac sign is known for his courage and determination to hold on. This month can become successful with craziest bets, even if everything is against you. Winning can be a maddening that entail ill-considered steps. Breaking a big jackpot in roulette do not forget about the fickleness of fortune, encash chips and go straight home. The Stars advice you to look for the most important things, and if you do not listen you can lose everything. The maximum fortune will come at cards. It is better to choose Saturday to visit the casino.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 4, 8, 11, 25
  • Unproductive days: 19, 30



This month for Virgos can be safely regarded as a period of discovery, especially for those who have long nurtured plans to try the hands at something new and unknown. Financial success awaits Virgo in the game of blackjack. There is a good chance to meet a man from whom you could get a lot of help and support. Spending money left and right, is not advised, especially if there are a lot of them. To loan money is a bad idea, even if it would seem that the jackpot is almost in your pocket. It may be an illusion, which will lead to a long depression and disappointment. The best day for the casino is Thursday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 16, 20, 22, 29
  • Unproductive days: 6, 28



This month Libra will be irresistible to a casino, especially this attraction will be felt for players who did not previously visited such places. Some people just want to make friends, and others will feel confident in gambling luck. The Stars will be favourable to newcomers in their endeavours, particularly in the game of roulette. Winners will attract attention and admiration of others. It should be wary of scams, so vigilance is not worth it. Successful game can give you wings. But do not forget about the fickleness of fortune and be careful in bets. The best day to visit the casino will be Wednesday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 2, 5, 11, 17, 28
  • Unproductive days: 4, 9



For Scorpios February will be extremely lucky month. But do not count on huge winnings. According to the Stars, the rates of medium and small amounts will bring small but constant income. Especially Monkey highlights that concrete check of gambling luck is impossible - Scorpios can get lucky in any of them. It is better to focus on the games in which you have the greatest range of skills and knowledges. During February is more likely to have a lot of useful contacts. Ginger Monkey advised to refrain from excessive emotion, especially when playing at the card table, as it can help the opponents. Monday is the best time for the conquest of the casino.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 9, 12, 20
  • Unproductive days: 11, 21, 30



Stars promise Sagittarius in February to give mixed luck. Visit casinos worth only if the visit is endorsed by relatives. Otherwise, quarrels and various conflicts can arise just out of the blue. The state of gambling Sagittarius will be quite inflated, so do not contribute to the game at the card table. For soothing the nerves the slot machines work best, since this is the very place where luck is the most favourable. The best day for a casino adventure will be Saturday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 15, 22, 23
  • Unproductive days: 10, 12



For Capricorns February portends victories, but to fill up your pocket can be possible only with small gains. The most successful will be black, even though the gambler do not really like it. When you play roulette to win by betting on black, will be much easier than while betting on red, although it does not guarantee a big bonus. It is necessary to try your hand as a mentor and help other player to beat the casino, which, in turn, increase your self-esteem, which will be very useful for you in the future. A favourable environment for the casino will appear in Wednesday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 4, 9, 15, 26
  • Unproductive days: 7, 8, 13



Gambling fanaticism is always inherent in Aquarius. But this unlikely will help while playing roulette. Stars advised Aquarius in February not to bet big money and be careful to confine small amounts so as not to get into a huge minus. It should be noted that the forecast for this month does not promise huge fortune, but as compensation Monkey can make you the centre of attention for the whole casino. This will help you win or contribute into other gamblers. Going to the casino is better organise on Saturday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 8, 13
  • Unproductive days: 14, 26



Roulette - that's where the luck will wait for Pisces in February. Luck will be the strongest in the last week of the month. But this does not mean that other gambling games or days will not make the profit. If Pisces are strong at the poker table, they can safely proceed to the entertainment. Thanks to the talent and composure Pisces can count on big wins. Still great winnings can cause euphoria and impulses of generosity, that will attract a lot of hangers. Be careful! To visit the casino is better to choose Thursday.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 7, 10, 19, 20
  • Unproductive days: 2, 27


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