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The coming 2016 year will be held under the auspices of the Fire Monkey. Fire mischievous animal is quite strict but fair enough. She loves pranks and games, but gives the preference to hard and continuous work. She's stubborn, but the initiative couldn’t be taken away from its nature. This year will be lucky to those who please the Protector and will be able to overcome the difficulties with dignity and without dropping hands.

Fire Monkey’s best friends will become those, who can correctly calculate and build the budget. She’ll give them such a stable revenue throughout the year. The Monkey will welcome those who are willing to take risks as well. But the risk has to be justified! If you have a good plan, but no courage, - go start it, and Fire Monkey will bring you good luck.



Aries are known for their hot temperament; they are natural enthusiasts. They are always confident in their abilities and intuition, which is never wrong. Nevertheless, the 2016 will be difficult for Aries. To stay upright and secure theirs position all the representatives will have to work hard. Cards loving Aries always find consolation, however small one, in the casino. It will support them precisely.

Favourable days for games: Tuesday and Sunday.



Taurus differs in their judgment. Therefore, the most appropriate game in 2016 for them will be blackjack, but only excellent preparation for it. Read all the rules, analyse the strategy and get the luck on your side. At the beginning of the New Year Taurus will feel the lack of financial resources. For the initiative and gambling representatives of the sign it is not a problem. Do not be afraid to take on new and unfamiliar game – it is really great way to express yourself and earn extra money.

Favourable days for games: Monday, Friday.



Gemini is an air sign, very windy and not always successful in gambling, still in 2016 the failures and financial turmoil are not expected. The hostess of this year won’t joke with this sign. Therefore, the representatives loving the action, should not worry about their financial situation. This year may become a good period for gambling. Gemini will take wins anytime and anywhere. Don’t be afraid, make the most unpredictable bets in your life and everything will turn into your favour. The Stars prepared only positive surprises for you.

Favourable days for games: Wednesday and Sunday.



Cancers are the most dangerous opponents in any gambling game. Fans of novelty and the owners of discerning mind. They benefit from the attention that is unique due to the good memory of card and their own strategies. In the New Year of Fire Monkey, the help of stars is not evident, but there are no critical moments for money losses as well. Play only familiar games and make feasible rates. No debts. And the balance will be met.

Favourable days for games: Tuesday.



Leos are full of unpredictability and drive. A natural leader, who did not know the concept of "half part". They are accustomed to take everything at once so easy that they never stop. Due to the sensitive intuition, cunning, subtle intellect, logic and attentiveness the onset of 2016 for the Leos will turn into the end of the black stripу. This year, they will feel the rush of power and capabilities. But choose only the most promising areas and deals. And do not worry, the Money will be very helpful.

Favourable days for games: Sunday.



Cautious and practical Virgos have great chances of winning in gambling this year. They do not like unnecessary risk, so prefer to play only after building the pre-calculated course of action. Fire Monkey, dominant this year, oddly enough, has no influence on this Sign. But it does not mean that a year for representatives of this Sign will be unsuccessful. Virgo will not be less successful this year than other Signs, especially in card games. But the success they will create themselves.

Favourable days for games: Wednesday.



Libra – is one of the few Signs who will have hard times this year. Fun, positive, friendly Libras are usually the most frequent visitors of roulette and slot machines. Playing only this games, they can relax, just listen to their own intuition about what to do and what to bet. But it's time to stop. The year of Fire Monkey will teach you to consider every detail and plan your budget competently. Nevertheless, at the end of the year the Monkey will greatly encourage Libras. And it will be unforgettable!

Favourable days for games: Saturday.



Scorpios are born to be gamblers. Their passion for the rivalry does not give them the opportunity to play alone. Scorpios love to play cards and they do it well. The year of Fire Monkey will be designated high rated for Scorpios’ financial stability. That will definitely allow them more time for gambling entertainments. Well, how could we now abandon poker and baccarat? That's right, it is worth the gamble! They will bear fruits.

Favourable days for games: Tuesday.



Sagittarius are fortune’s beast friends. They are life-loving and emotional. They are easy to make big bets and wins. 2016 will also become a very profitable and successful year for them. In the year of the Fire Monkey Sagittarius will be the luckiest Sign. It seems this year the money is falling to them from the sky. Do not miss a single opportunity to make money or get more money. If you properly dispose the tips of the Stars, you can create a financial cushion for many years ahead.

Favourable days for games: Thursday.



The practical, purposeful and self-confident Capricorns always turn a game to a great victory. Once they appear in the playing hall, their passion grows at a furious pace, and jackpot gets in the bag. But unfortunately the year of 2016 will not be easy for Capricorn. This is the time to spend on a clear budget plan and forget about the illusion of a huge payoff. Let yourself find delight in minor but frequent enough wins. Positive time will be at the last quarter of 2016 – the Monkey will stop testing your nerves and your budget. You will have a chance to make up for the entire year.

Favourable days for games; Tuesday.



Aquarius is a kind of people with remarkable intuition. They are considered to be the luckiest in any kind of gambling. All the representatives of the Sign often disrupt jackpots and carry home the biggest winnings. This year will not become an exception. Risk is a noble cause, so take the risks and losses, even if they appear, are small and not essential. Despite the favour of Stars, Aquarius have a responsible approach to business, all weighed and analysed. Because this year could be decisive in many areas. Act! Stars and your intuition will show the right path.

Favourable days for games: Wednesday.



Any gambling game for Pisces is a tape measure. It depends entirely on the location of Stars and good luck. Therefore, these people like to watch from the side, and if they do play, they bet only where the game is worth the gamble. Year of Fire Monkey for Pisces will become a pleasant surprise. In 2016, the Pisces will have everything for financial stability. Stars advise Pisces in 2016 to go with the flow and get round risky activities. Enjoy the calm games and bet where you are fully confident in the result.

Favourable days for games: Thursday.


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