Amazing jackpots ($1 352 000 and $1 100 000) was won in Mohegan Sun casino

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Incontestable is fact that in modern gambling houses a slot machines became one of the most popular islands of passion. They are easy in circulation, clear and interesting both for young generation and for already inveterate gamers. Therefore exactly these one arm bandits for the last a few months in Mohegan Sun gambling venue became so profitable for visitors that appear at once of two rich-men – amateurs of money slots.

According to data of information portal Patch.соm, a few days ago common American woman on name Denise Purrier decided it interesting to spend time for play on her favourite Wheel of Fortune slot machine what as the result resulted in gaining of unrealistic, progressive jackpot, in the amount of $1,352 million. Her commentary has been already named one of the most inspiring to gambling-heroic acts:

“I cannot invent nothing original, I am now in deep shock. Playing to slot machines, I simply expected to receive some pleasure and to beat off spent money. But what took place entirely soon after the beginning of my regular session, boggles the mind of regular American… Such money, so many opportunities! And I promise that I literate use each of them! This victory will not become one of… and the next attack on injudicious head. These money will be of use, they will be assist, they will be create!”

It interesting that she became already the second player earning on kick more than million dollars for past month in the same casino located in Ankasvill, staff Connecticut.

The first millionaire became the visitor from New Hampshire on name Alison Anzolone who got progressive Main Prize of Super 4 slot machine, by that time of making $1,1 million. By the way, she became the first dollar millionaire of Mohegan Sun casino for its all history.

The young lady told, how to dispose such substantial amount: “First, I shall give up necessarily a part of money to charity – it will be right, I know. And then I want to execute my old dream and to open a modern privately operated school. At our town suffices educational places, but there are no conceptual and in fact progressive projects. I would like to launch exactly such – a creative space for talented kids, where they not only learnt, but also actively developed exactly their talent.”

As a whole this gambling miracle-complex which less than for month transformed at once two charming women to millionaires, has a huge game hall by the area of 364 sq. ft. divided to three parts with themed titles: Sky, Earth and Wind.