€3 700 000 in Tipico – another win from Mega Moolah

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It’s been a while since we could really impress you with a selection of mega-wins. Please accept our apologies and let us surprise you with an unusual jackpot that was won within the last 6 months.

It’s been less than a month since a progressive prize-pool in the sum of 8,000.00 was won in mobilecasino Tipico. Plus, quite recently one more lucky fellow has just won another progressive jackpot.

Under the table this mobile casino is already called “a source of millionaires” and the best place to turn rich. Even though today’s jackpot is a little smaller than the first one, it is still estimated at €3,722,530.00 which will change the life of the winner drastically. 

Mega Moolah is already acknowledged as the most gracious slot from Microgaming, and mobile Tipico casino as the most promising place for effective entertainments. Here on this video-slot one can get 2 progressive jackpots within 27 days, and both of them will be paid off to the winner in full after a regular verification process.

Does this happen due to simple luck? Undoubtedly so, but apart from it this happens thanks to the joint work of the casino team and the developer of this extremely gracious software. Here is what Tipico commercial director and gaming creator of Microgaming shared:

“Two jackpots within one month are not that surprising, because we are developing the product that is meant to give more than to receive. We’ve been successfully proving it in practice. Our clients have noticed progressive payoffs from Mega Moolah and appreciate their frequency. Now we are working on a new strategy which will expand possibilities for our fans. Our congratulations to the casino with another win, and to the gambler with the beginning of new and even more impressive adventures. Let it be just a beginning of a longer path”.

These frequent wins are quite rare for the majority of gaming software developers. Developers from Playtech with their mega-popular Gladiator slot are not too far behind though.

On May 31 at 8am this slot loaded with money a 47-year old woman – mother of two children. In return to her 24-pence bet it gave her £1,365,870.00. Now she plans to quit her job at the employment centre and to help her husband who works as a truck driver to start his own business.

It’s remarkable that this win has become one of the largest mobile wins on Gladiator slot. It went to a resident of Milton Canes thanks to a positive turn of events. The day of the win became the first time in the woman’s life when she did not have to stand at a stove preparing lunch for the kids. Summer vacation just started, and a mother of a large family decided to spend some time at her favourite mobilecasino.

She placed a regular deposit in the sum of £30 and started the game with minimal best on a video-slot she liked most. 25 pence and a bonus from Gladiator brought to our lucky woman a mega-win.

As the majority of other winners, the woman could not believe in this incredible luck, but shortly after that she was overwhelmed with joy. Director of Playtech mobile casino noted that Gladiator is one of the most successful projects – one of 113 most popular progressive jackpots in their portfolio. He also promised that there is more to come – another even more loyal and promising project is on the way.

So, let’s wait for more news from Playtech, and meanwhile let’s recall incredible multipliers from gambling software developer Endorphina. Products offered by this company give perfect chances for wins for Russian gamblers.

Last month was marked with classic multiplier x24 which brought to a slot gambler $7,200.00 in return to a $5 bet. Slim pickings in comparison with millions of US dollars, but still quite noticeable for every gambler.

June became even more gracious for such events, and now the slot called Slotomoji presented a larger multiplier x26 which presented a resident of Russia the jackpot equal to 1040.

Here is the situation with a video-slot: there are three special symbols in the program – ballet dancer, disco dancer, and a samurai which appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th drums. Their appearance launches a repeated spin with a “spin until you win” function and the increase of a multiplier with every spin.

The winner from Russia got a samurai on the 4th drum which was waiving a katana and was increasing the wins. Thus, 20 credits, 10 lines of payoffs, a sum of 20 Russian rubles and a multiplier equal to 1040 brought the result equal to 208,000.00 Russian rubles (almost $4,000.00 or €3,200.00).

Congratulations to lucky fellows and wishes of most beneficial wins to you, our readers. Let a samurai come to you as well!