Social casinos – a new attraction for mobile gamblers

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One of the most significant events – gambling conference “Global Gaming Expo Asia” took place on May 16- May 18 in Venetian Macao casino. This is the annual event that was organised for the 11thtime, but it is just now that it has reached global recognition. There is a record number of participants registered this year -14,000.00 among which there are gambling professionals – from field experts and corporate managers  to simple enthusiasts and mass media representatives.

The keynote of the reports made by most of the participants was social gambling as the most promising trend for the upcoming 20 – 30 years.

Christy Fung, head of PlayStudios Asia made a detailed report on young gamblers (millennials) growing and the necessity to reorient the market to this target audience. Below are some topics she focused on.

The generation of millennials implies young and active users of social networks who were born at the end of the 1990s. They are from 20 to 30 years old now and can’t imagine their lives without online activities. They appreciate being mobile thanks to modern gadgets, freedom social networks provide, and unlimited space for social games.

This is literally a new demographic group that is gradually acquiring leadership and at the same time turning into target audience for gambling services providers. It’s more difficult to attract these people’s attention with standard marketing means, so there appears a necessity to create totally new gaming content that would always be at hand with “mobile youth” and at the same time would attract these young people to stationary offline casinos.

To achieve this goal one needs to develop further creation of social casinos, demonstrate fabulous gameplay with challenges and quest. Socialisation with modern technologies needs to develop in the nearest future.

Fans of social casinos are ready to spend 2-4 hours playing their online versions where they can jump to further levels, communicate with friends, show off their achievements and receive bonuses for any daily activities. There is no stress factor in these venturous entertainments as they are different from those where one can lose the monthly salary – all one can lose are just counters, so the visitors simply enjoy themselves. Payments for any upgrades are made  in very small amounts.

The truth is that purchase of counters in social casinos is a constant way of getting profit. The potential is really unlimited, and it was proved in practice through several projects. For example, a large MGM Resort International Casino has been developing social gambling trend for a long time already and knows how to turn these mobile projects into monetary ones.

But the most vivid example of social gambling was represented by Authentic Gaming and NYX Alliance. They have developed a new product called “Live Roulette”. This is even better than virtual gambling environment from NetEnt. These are live broadcasts from real gaming tables in online casinos Unibet, LeoVegas, and Maria Casino.

So, a real atmosphere of real casinos is available online to fans of mobile gambling adventures by means of satellite broadcasting. Several high-precision cameras will be located round roulette tables and will broadcast everything going on there to the mobile phones in every corner of Europe. This is a unique opportunity to receive the most realistic gaming experience without leaving your favourite social environment.