Innovations from Gambit Gaming and mega-fast roulette from Evolution

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Recently one of the leaders of the gambling market –Evolution Corporation which is digital solutions supplier for LIVE-casino has announced the expansion of its product line launching “Speed Roulette” whose name speaks for itself.

This gambling opportunity will be available for PC users on smartphones and tablets working on Android and iOS platforms. Developers state that it will be possible to gamble holding the gadgets both vertically and horizontally. Speed Roulette is a super-quick variation of “Evolution” roulette except every spin of the drum will take only 25 seconds.

The wheel of this speedy roulette was developed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY Company and was presented in Evolution branded hall in Riga. The roulette table will be equipped by 5 cameras ensuring good visibility of the whole gaming process and bets placed. Control over the roulette will be provided by highly qualified dealer who underwent special training and who will keep the game at its high speed.

The rules of “Speed Roulette” are simple – all the bets will be placed during the spin of a drum, so there will be no “dead time”, and thanks to numerous cameras location of a winning number will take very little time making it possible for the dealer to start a new spin right away. This will mean that all the roulette fans will be able to enjoy 50 extra spins within 1 hour if we compare the Speed Roulette with Evolution, Immersive Roulette and Live Roulette).

Chief Product Officer of “Evolution” Todd Haushalter commented on the launch of its product: “Our game will be the fastest among all the existing types of roulette in the world and will provide a special supplement to the company’s gaming portfolio. It’s worth mentioning that our team has not changed any rules of the game and just did their best to upgrade it and to speed it up”.

Project leader added: “We have completed herculean task to make the roulette fast at the same time leaving the game tempo quite relaxed. Believe me – it was hard to accomplish. We have created a special gaming hall with a large number of immersive cameras letting the gamers indulge in the gaming process to the fullest. Hopefully “Speed Roulette” will be to the liking of novices as well as experienced gamblers”.

Just to remind you that “Speed Roulette” will be available 24/7 for all the “Evolution” clients in the nearest future as an additional option 24/7.

Last week we learned about the launch of innovational games based on real money by “Gamblit Gaming” which will be located in the premises of the US gambling operator “Caesars Entertainment Corporation”.

The main feature of these products is the focus on the gamers’ skills during the gambling process: the better you play, the more cash you will be able to take with you. CEO of Caesars Ent. Mark Frissora announced: “We actively cooperate with “Gamblit Gaming” manufacturers in the development of new games and we are certain that this will bring us incredible success. These innovative gambling products will help us attract younger generation of gamblers who like integrated gambling technologies. Our team is proud by the fact that our visitors have a unique opportunity to be the first to enjoy the “skilled” slots in Las Vegas”.

Let’s say a few words about the gamers themselves. Social and online gaming tables ModelG from Gamblit allow placing 2-4 gamers at the same time. They can simultaneously run 2 games on 42-incher screen.

The first of these games will be Gamblit Poker. What is required from the gamer are good skills and good reaction. To get a multiplier for the bet x240 a gamer needs to take extra cards quite quickly starting from two of those to complete the most profitable poker combination.

The second innovational game is called “Cannonbeard’s Treasure” and will somehow remind blackjack. But it will keep the gamer more on the alert due to high chances to lose: a gamer who will prove to be lucky and fast will get a chest of gold.

Many gambling industry specialists see in these products a chance to upgrade for the new level of gambling entertainments meeting today’s fantastic technologic progress.