$447,800.00 in Powerball or €153,800.00 in EuroMillions – what would you prefer?

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It was a quiet Saturday night on June 10 when the marathon on increasing the sum of the main prize in a mega-popular American Powerball lottery came to an end. It lasted 70 days within which 20 drawings were organised. Since April 5, 2017 the sum of the jackpot increased from $40 million up to an incredible sum of $447,8 million – a little less than a psychological threshold of a half a billion US dollars.

We’d like to remind you that the largest win in the lottery throughout its existence was estimated at $1,5 billion and was won in Powerball on January 13, 2016 thus determining the world leader in this section of the gaming industry. Since then the whole world has been following the growing process of the main lottery prize with bated breath.

This is the fourth jackpot from Powerball this year, and here are three preceding ones:

  1.  The first jackpot was won at the end of February by an anonymous gamer from Indiana, USA and was estimated at $435,3 million.
  2.  One month later on March 22 there was hit a relatively small prize in the sum of $156,2 million by a resident of Wisconsin, USA who has not yet claimed his prize money.
  3.  On a Fools’ Day in April a man from Arizona, USA managed to hit the jackpot in the sum of $60 million.

We should also note something interesting: on June 10 organisers of the drawing announced the sum of the prize money to be $435 million, but just a few hours before the start there was mentioned a new final sum of money – $447,8 million. What was the reason for such a significant increase of the jackpot in the sum of $12,8 remains unknown, but they say that the majority of the lottery tickets were purchased online right before the drawing.

The world mass media reported that the lucky ticket was sold in Sun City, California, at “Marietta Liquor&Dali” mall. By the way, following the established tradition, the selling point will be rewarded with $1 million in honour of all the jackpot winning efforts made on their side.

The lucky numbers for a resident of San City turned to be: 20, 26, 32, 38, 58 with the red colourPowerball # 3. If he decides to take the whole sum of money all at once instead of extending the process for 29 years dividing it into equal parts, then after paying all the taxes the remaining sum of the prize money will be estimated at $210,8 million, which is not too bad at all!

So we are waiting for more details about this lucky fellow – it would be good to learn more about him and about his plans for spending this gracious sum of money that enabled him to become a millionaire in a blink.

Another jackpot from the post popular European lottery EuroMillions in the sum of €153,8 million was hit by a man from Belgium who turned to be the only lucky guy who guessed all the five numbers of the winning balls: 10, 24, 42, 8, 33 and two bonus number: 3 and 9.

We have learned the other day that he has already claimed his money but meanwhile asked the mass media not to reveal his personal data fearing prosecution from crime figures. But in spite of his incognito status this newly minted millionaire gave a short interview to the lottery organisers:

“Everyone is curious of course how I am going to spend this super-prize which is actually the largest from EuroMillions this year. First of all, I will fulfil one of my dreams – will purchase a large car for our whole family. I would like to celebrate this great event with my family, though not sure what type of celebration it will be, but I am sure it will be something really grand. I have three grown up children, and most of the prize money will be divided between them into equal parts so that no one would take offence. I also plan to spend a few dozens of millions for charity – I think this is really important. One needs to help others who are not so lucky as you”.

Another millionaire from Belgium said that one of the three tickets he purchased for €7,5 turned to be a lucky one. Being a long-time fan of EuroMillions he did not miss a single drawing always purchasing several tickets at once.

Answering the question “What can you wish to other fans of gambling activities?” this lucky man gave a brilliant answer” “To hit a multimillion jackpot in a mega-popular lottery is quite real, but to foresee your luck is impossible. The main thing is to enjoy your passion and to treat it as a part of your life – then you will definitely become lucky one day. You should just learn how to wait for the right moment”.


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