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All of us know that chances to large victory to lottery are rather low, and even if will have luck to win jackpot, then only once in the course of a lifetime. It is confirmed and official statistics which is led by the world observers of game industry. However, more recently it was entirely denied by common venturesome married couple from Canada which already three times won big money through lottery.

Douglas and Barbara Fink all his married life liked to play lottery, they did not pass a local game of neither circulation, at the same time they very frequently purchased the tickets of other megapopular lotteries, such as PowerBall, EuroMillions, MegaMillions (good thing that now it can be done through Internet).

The first victory came to them in far 1988 as large amount to $128 thousand. Then it were huge money, to which Fink’s family constructed its house and purchased two new machines. The second large prize they had to wait for whole 12 years – in 2010 they filled up their bank account by $100 thousand.

This amount went to formation of children and grandiose rest for all family abroad. And here after seven years, in April 2017, they managed to win still, but this time their prize was simply fantastic – the fact is that Barbara and Douglas divided jackpot still with one lucky beggar of Western Canada LоtteryCorporation Canadian lottery, which back then accounted for $16,4 million.

So made a comment the third victory of self family Barbara Fink: “About this huge prize I learned when Douglas was on work, and started at once to call up to him. But he did not answer long on the phone. I was overflowed by emotion and gladness but the first, with whom I would like that to share, my husband was. When he answered the phone, I simply said to him – “We made it again!”

Douglas himself told mass media following: “When I was called up by the wife and told about our lottery success, I asked about amount of the prize. Barbara was not able to give sharp answer, as she did not know who else guessed all six lucky numbers of the ticket. She simply said that it is somewhere a few million dollars. Back at that time there was no limit my happiness”.

Jackpot had been divided between two winners – between Fink’s family and other lucky beggar, evenly on $8,2 million. Name of the second is not named on his personal belief.

Up to so large victory Barbara and Douglas planned to go on vacation and now do not know ought to do, indeed such money should be somehow properly spent. The first that they will make – materially provide grandsons and children, as family the main in the life of any person is considered.

And what is more for the last week unusual event with 70-year-long pensionary woman from Russian city Kursk happened which became an involuntary witness of illegal gambling industry work. Early in the morning her granddaughter asked to refill her telephone bill through the terminal which is located in the shop, where the woman usually purchases bread. What was surprise at woman when she contributed money but account was not refill.

As it turned out later – the terminal was not simple, and “gambling”, and all money departed to game account, at the same time it was suggested to play and to win fabulous money. Upset pensionary woman so that to revenge for illegal one-armed bandit to his owners, phoned the police and informed about allegedly bomb planted to terminal.

On the spot sappers with dogs arrived and slot machine was surveyed, but explosives, naturally, were not revealed. On the fact of false alarm was draw up a protocol upon the spot and was imposed fine for elderly avenger at a rate of $150.

By right it is worth to note that the woman achieved one’s – the slot machine was confiscated and it is opened criminal case on the fact of illegal control of game business.


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