$435 000 000 in Powerball and double lottery win of $300 000

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Mass media reported about an incredible Powerball lottery win that took place on February 22 in Lafayette, IN, USA. A lucky ticket brought to its owner an unbelievable sum of money – $435 million! Thus, the life of our hero forever changed for the better.

Dennis Rosebrough, CEO of the gambling operator commented: “So far we can’t reveal the name of our new millionaire for privacy reasons, but I would like to assure you that this is only one winning ticket with  guessed five white numbers and an additional red “Powerball”. So, this lucky guy won’t have to share his fortune with anyone else. I would like add that he has 180 day to receive the prize money”.

Chances to win in this world known lottery are estimated at 292 million to 1!

One can get the main Powerball prize all at once or throughout 30 years in equal parts. In the first case the prize money will diminish almost in half due to taxes and commissions (percent value is different in different states). Based on the news related to the gambling market, normally the whole sum of the jackpot goes to elderly people who don’t have that much time for getting the money, and vice versa, younger people prefer to divide the prize into several parts not to experience any need for money and not to be carried away by temptation to spend it all at once.

Powerball lottery tickets are on sale in 44 American states as well as in Puerto Rico, DC and Virgin Islands. Recently it has become possible to purchase the lottery tickets online for $2 – $3. Total sum of the operating profit from selling Powerball lottery tickets during the last year was estimated at $2 billion.

Prior to that an extraordinary event took place in USA, when a resident of South Dakota “raised the bank” in Palmetto Cash5 drawing two times during one day and won $300,000.00.

UPI news agency reported that this lucky gambler regularly participated in different lottery drawings throughout the last 10 years developing his own winning strategies and testing their efficiency.

In the middle of February 2017 this gambling fan whose name has not been revealed yet came across Palmetto Cash5 lottery and purchased two tickets in the supermarket filling them in with the same numbers and doubling down on one of them. To his surprise he heard about the win of $100,00000 for one of the tickets and $200,000.00 for the second one. This lucky American decided to spend the money paying off the mortgage and a car loan as well as helping family and friends. He also reported that he plans to keep playing this lottery and developing different winning tactics.

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