Crazy Spring Jack-pots

Deal No Deal Jackpot


Fund by crowd via jackpot! This is how the spring winning fever started and kept advancing at a quick pace. At the beginning of March we learned about different wins that took place in different parts of the world.

A Russian lottery distinguished itself by an extraordinary jackpot paying off to a resident of Krasnoyarsk Region 3 million rubles. We learned about this remarkable event from the website of the lotteryorganiser. It was stated there that super-winning tickets were purchased by three lucky fellows from different Russian regions: Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, and Sharypovo.

It’s interesting that all the winners placed the same bets in the sum of 80 rubles and marked 5 identical numbers out of 36 in online lottery. Not all the winners so far have applied for the payoffs, but the lottery organisers report that this is not the first grand prize pool this year, i.e. on New Year’s night a man from Krasnoyarsk won 1 million rubles.

The company media office representatives commented: “We sell a large number of lottery tickets everywhere including the region of Krasnoyarsk. The number of tickets on sale reaches 1 million! The ones in most demand are mass-production lotteries on which we make significant payoffs practically every day. For instance, the drawing dedicated to the Defender’s Day celebrated on February 23 brought to the winners the sums of money from 400,000.00 up to 650,000.00 rubles. In other words, for the ticket that costs 80 rubles those lucky gamers received an opportunity to purchase new houses. We are happy to spoil our frequenters with nice payoffs and wish good luck to gamblers from Russia in the next drawing that will be dedicated to the International Women’s Day!”

European gambling venues keep pace with their payoffs as well. For instance, recently a word has leaked out that another mega jackpot was won on the slot “The Deal or No Deal” themed on a popular British show.

A gambler whose name is unknown, but who is a frequenter at a virtual Jackpot Joy Casino, selected the slot “The Deal or No Deal 20p” and hit the jackpot in the sum of £681,654.00. This prize money became a gift of the destiny due to the average number of payoffs for this slot.

International monitoring commissions on the gambling payoffs reported that this jackpot became the 17th during the last several years and exceeded the average payoffs for more than 150,000.00 pounds. So, the main prizes on this popular slot are paid off approximately every 21st week and are estimated at £523,445.00 in the average. The maximum jackpot was hit in 2010 by a gamer Matthew G. in the sum of £1,963,054.00. Since then no other payoffs managed to reach this level, but this is what gambling is good at – there always exists hope and belief in the super-win.

Based on the statistics, online slot “The Deal or No Deal” is gaining popularity due to its unfading concept. This British gambling show provided to the gamblers an opportunity to select one of the suggested cases, and to get rid of the rest hidden behind boxes. As a result, a lucky gamer may leave the game with a case full of money. This creative quest is getting back its popularity and is increasing the prize payouts.


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