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Beginning of December was both shocking and extremely successful for a 70-year old Dante Castilio residing in Lakewood, NJ. The thing is that this man was able to win $1 million on Powerball lotterythanks to the mistake made by a salesman. Dante is not really a passionate gambler, but occasionally he spends 10 or 20 dollars on lottery tickets that he fills in himself all the time. He has never relied on random numbers generator available at all the sales points; he has considered this opportunity to be jugglery.

After grocery shopping our lucky guy went to buy a lottery ticket, but a salesman handed him in a paper already filled in on the computer. This mistake made by a salesman brought our American retiree $1 million. A new-sprung rich man reported to the mass media how he is going to spend this money: “I am getting old, and I have always had a dream to travel around the world. When I was young I watched TV programs about Paris, Rome, Moscow, and always wanted to go there. It was sad that I could not afford these trips because of other responsibilities – house, family, work, etc. I will purchase a house in suburb of New-York on the remaining money and will help my children.

According the rules of the lottery if a winner wants to take the whole sum of money all at once he will have to pay 30% of it on taxes, but if he does not want to pay them he can get $1000 during 1000 weeks. Dante selected the first option – why wait? Time is short.

By the way, a salesman will also receive $10 thousand of the prize money. It’s well deserved, isn’t it?

This is the second large win in the state in Powerball lottery. On May 9 there was hit a record jackpot in the sum of $429,6 million. While in USA jackpots are paid off in a consistent manner Russia plans to launch a New Year lottery with the unprecedented prize fund in the sum of 1 billion rubles.

A few days ago organisers of the national “Stoloto” lottery announced the draw of 1 billion rubles (about $15 million) on December 31. This is an absolute record in the history of the country. Apart from the main prize there will be numerous valuable gifts available. Everyone is aware of the tradition to draw New Year jackpots with fantastic sums of money existing in Western Europe and USA and attracting everyone’s attention. This normally takes place in a happy atmosphere of the New Year holidays and this also helps spend some of the money on charity.

“Stoloto” representatives do not yet think of charity purposes, but it will be interesting to see whether or not European and American traditions will catch on in Russia. Lottery tickets are available in all the specialised sales points as well as for online purchase.


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