Mega-jackpot of €89 000 000 hit by an Irishman in Euromillions

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On January 24 there was hit a really crazy jackpot in the sum of €89 presented by the international lottery “Euromillions”. The winner is a guest from Dublin – this is where the lottery ticket was purchased.

The winner managed to guess five winning numbers: 01, 05, 07, 17, 23 as well as two additional victorious numbers 03 and 08. Up until now a newly-minted Irish multimillionaire has not yet applied for his prize money. Representative of the lottery provider Dermot Griffith reported to the mass media that in order to get the money it’s necessary to sign the lottery ticket and inform the head office about it.

National Irish television interviewed Mr. Griffith for one of the popular TV shows “Morning Ireland”, where he addressed the gamblers saying: “Friends, you need to double check your combinations as soon as possible! If the numbers match the winning combination, sign the lottery ticket on the back side and contact the National lottery representatives”.

It will be possible to pick up the prize money after 1-2 weeks after the draw, because extra time is needed to transfer the funds from all the 8 countries participating in this gambling entertainment. Ireland can be proud as this is the 9th win in Euromillions draws, the most significant of which belongs to Dolores McNamara –  a multi-child woman from an Irish town of Limerick.

In 2005 this woman managed to win €115 million! What is interesting is that Dolores learned about this incredible win during the live drawing that she was watching in the bar while drinking beer with family and friends. Mrs. McNamara took out her lottery ticket purchased for €2 and threw it on the table with a comment “You guys, take a look at what I have won…” having no idea how drastically her life was going to change in a blink.

The journalists found out that this Irish woman gets about €3 million per year as bank percentages and runs pretty modest life. During the last 12 years she has purchased houses for all her children and created family business; as for herself she built a nice house near the lake located on 17 acres of land.

Luck has not turned away from Ukrainian fans of lotteries either. A local lottery company MSL published data of 2016 according to which there were hit 29 jackpots in the sum of UAN70 million (2,6 million USD) in three state lotteries: Loto-Zabava, Tip-Top, and Megalot.

It was announced in the report that the most money-making of all these lotteries turned to be Loto-Zabava which organised 52 drawings, made 20 people millionaires and presented to lucky players 77 new cars paying off the prize money in the sum of $2,05 million.


Another venturous entertainment “Megaslot” by MSL presented two jackpots won in 2016: in the sum of €113 thousand in January and in the sum of €85 thousand in April. Not less popular lottery TIP-TOP made Ukrainians happier with two main prizes for the total sum of money in the sum of €49 thousand.


MSL state company was founded back in 1998 and since then has launched 80 gambling products paying off the prize money in the sum of €70 million.


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