Mega jackpots: from America all the way to Europe

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Holiday week turned to be extremely generous with jackpots. One passionate gambler from Selbyville, Delaware, managed to purchase a lucky Powerball lottery ticket that brought him an incredible jackpot in the sum of $121 million.

Lottery organizers reported that the winner of the latest draw has not yet picked up the prize money, that’s why they announced on the local and federal TV stations asking all the residents of Selbyville who have purchased the tickets on December 17 to double check their numbers.

They have also calculated the sum of the prize money that the winner can get all at once – $72 billion after paying off all the taxes. In case he or she wants to get the whole sum of money released from taxes then it will be paid off throughout 20 years in equal parts. It’s worth mentioning that althoughPowerball is an American lottery, everyone who has Internet access can play it. The secret of its popularity is not just in incredible prize-pools and regular draws, but in the simplicity of the game itself. There are two drums one of which selects five balls, and another – one. This ball is called “magic powerball”. The main prize goes to the winner who guesses 5 numbers as well as a magic powerball. All we need to wait for is the winners from the CIS countries.

At the same time in the heart of Europe in Switzerland there was played off another phenomenal (and actually record) jackpot for the country. It was run by “Swisslos” national lottery provider and was estimated at $64 million. It took whole 50 draws to find the winner, which is also the longest time frame throughout the history of the lottery. It’s not a solo winner, but three lucky residents of this mountain country. When the prize money is divided among them, each will get $22,4 million.

Similar case here: no one has come to pick up the money yet, but it’s not surprising, as there are so many things to do before Christmas: to purchase gifts, to decorate the house, to visit relatives, etc. All these things keep the winners busy, so no time to check the precious ticket number.

Based on the rules of the Swiss lottery, one can pick up the prize money within 6 months. In case this does not happen the whole sum of money goes to the county administration where it was purchased, so it will be used for charitable purposes. Not everyone knows though that lots of residents of Switzerland participate in lottery draws on a regular basis and win significant amounts of money.

A little bit of history: “Swisslos” venturous entertainment appeared in 1970 creating almost 700 millionaires among which there are residents of other countries who have purchased tickets online.

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