$420,000.00 in Powerball lottery! Payoffs keep growing!

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A huge jackpot in the sum of $420,9 million was hit at Powerball lottery last week and became sensational not just for the United States, but for the whole world. A resident of a small town of Lafayette, TN was able to guess all the six winning lottery numbers that helped a regular worker become a multimillionaire. Here they are: 17, 19, 21, 37, 44; 16.

It should be noted that last time all the numbers were guessed it was in September, but the main prize was “only” $40 million. Another interesting fact is that within just a few months Powerball lottery jackpotreached almost half a billion dollars!

Based on the rules of the lottery, and according to the local laws, if a lucky winner would like to take the whole sum of money all at once he or she will need to pay taxes in the sum of $166 million. Otherwise the sum of money is divided into equal parts and will be paid off during 30 years – $14 million each year. Not bad, right?

Chances to win in the Saturday drawing were estimated as 292 million to 1 based on the theory of chances, but thanks to Dame Fortune as well as determination of the winner the jackpot was hit regardless of all the mathematical calculations!

We would like to remind our readers that the record sum of money won in this lottery is estimated at $1,6 billion and was won at the beginning of the year by three lucky people who guessed all the winning numbers within one drawing at the same time. This sum of money was divided equally: every winner got $530 million.

Would you like to push your luck too? One can purchase a Powerball lottery ticket for only $2 in 44 states of USA, in DC, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and on accredited online resources. The ticket can be filled in either manually or at random with the help of the computer.

Only 50% of the money turnover from ticket sales is spent on prize money, while 40% is spent on charity and educational programs, and $10 is paid to retailers. While frenzy is still in place in USA, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – in rainy Great Britain – another fan of online slots won €54 thousand during a bonus spin.

Start of the winter does not mean that the fans of gambling should wait long for a Bikini-party. A user of the internet-casino Novibet with the nickname Sm was able to prove that. He became interested in the campaigns initiated by this gaming operator and decided to entertain himself playing the slot named “Bikini Party” offered by Microgaming.

This slot was launched in February and has 5 drums with 233 options for winning. The main peculiarity of this slot is beautiful girls in bikini and symbols that give gamers a chance to get up to 15 free spins.

Representative of Novibet casino commented: “Our whole team and I personally congratulate user Sm with this win and would like to wish him more wins in our casino”.


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