Three-time lottery winner!

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The middle of June turned to be a really lucky month for a man from Ontario, Canada. On June 14 PaulHindo, a fan of lotteries hit the jackpot playing Lotto 6/49 and won $22 million!

This gamer immigrated to this northern country from Iraq in 1972 bringing his wife and small children with. He had to start his life from nothing and to work hard throughout many years to provide for the family. He has started to play lotteries very recently believing in Fortune and never doubted a possibility to win a large sum of money.

“I am not young any more, but God awarded me with good health and positive attitude to things. In spite of a multi-million jackpot that Fortuna brought me I am going to keep working and to stay useful for the society”, said Paul to the lottery organisers.

Instead of picking up the money right away it took him two weeks to claim it. Mr Hindo did not   explain why he chose to wait for some time; instead, he let the reporters know how he was going to spend this incredible jackpot:

«I am not going to throw away handfuls of money as the majority of multimillionaires do by purchasingexpensive cars, luxurious villas and jewels for their wives. Instead, I would like to help our community, my relatives, close friends, and everyone else who helped our family a long time ago during the immigration period here from Iraq. After a family meeting when we had quite a hot dispute we decided not to purchase a new house. Instead, I will repair our old house in the town of Manotick”.

Answering the question where and how he purchased a lucky ticket Paul explained that he had purchased it for $50 in Ottawa where he often went grocery shopping for family and also once in a while indulged himself into playing lotteries.

Canada became the second homeland for Paul Hindo and his family. Here he found his favourite job atthe investment company JLL where in 2012 received the reward of the Queen of England for exclusiveachievements.

Another interesting fact: Lotto 6/49 celebrated its 35th anniversary on the day of the lucky drawing. Throughout its existence, it has helped thousands of people to become multimillionaires.

During the middle of June, Her Majesty Fortuna rewarded a man living on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – in Ireland. Although the sum of his prize money does not contain as many figures in comparison to other EuroMillions’ winners, another important fact makes this win quite unusual – this is already the third time Fortuna awards this Irishman (his name has not been revealed) with substantial prize money!

As the winner explained, his first win was a really large sum of money – €300 thousand he won in 2004 on Lotto Plus One lottery. It did not take long for his second win to take place just a couple of years later in 2006 when he won €500 thousand playing together with his two friends. This mysterious lucky fellow kept playing lotteries hoping for more luck, and at the beginning of June, he guessed a combination of 5 numbers in EuroMillions which filled his pockets with €20,000.00 more.

«This win became a pleasant surprise for me, but I am disappointed with the fact that I could not guess the 6th number in which case I could have won €140 million. But I am very happy with the current win  – it will help me implement several business ideas. My example can strip away the myth that “lightning never strikes twice in the same place” – what about three times?

“I spent my previous wins on purchasing housing and on financial support to my relatives”, said our Irish hero to the lottery organisers. According to his close friends who came together with him to claim the prize money, he is an ordinary man – just incredibly lucky!

During the rewarding ceremony, representatives of the Irish EuroMillions lottery wished the winner good luck and made a hint that they wouldn’t be surprised to see him again in the near future.


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