Win €6 000 000 in a lottery or claim $160 000 000 for emotional distress

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Today’s  review of recent  jackpots will be overfilled with special events that go beyond even most extraordinary lottery news. Such mega wins take place  very  rarely, but they happen in those places where they are most desired. Do you understand the hint?

Incredible luck reached the emerald Isle (Ireland). A head of a big family In Westmeath County won 6,100,000.00 euros playing National Lottery. Although this seems to be an average win, we consider it special, because it could have failed to happen.

A household head decided to celebrate his grandson’s birthday in some special way and paid attention to lottery tickets which were on sale in a car service station. He purchased the ticket, put it into a jockey box and actually forgot about it. The family learned about the win by a mere accident while turning over TV channels. If the head of the family did not make a pause at one of the channels he would have never learned about this incredible win.

Not believing in this sudden luck our hero started to compare his ticket numbers with the winning ones and was super excited about the win of 6,1 million euros. The first thing he did after this – he hid the ticket in the arms safe and went to share the news with his wife.

Here is how the family of lucky Irishmen commented on the win: “We don’t know why God rewarded us so graciously, but we are certain that we will be wise at spending the money. We are not going to quit our jobs, because we like to do what we are doing, but this incredible win will provide for our comfortable lives when we retire and will release our children from mortgage obligations”.

Another interesting thing happened to a New-Yorker who received $160,000,000.00 as a compensation for nonprofessional and aggressive attitude of the casino staff.

It happened back in 2012 when David Moradi who at that time managed the hedge fund of 11 million dollars traveled from New-York to Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas. After a not really successful night there our hero owed to the Marquee and Deck Entertainment LLC club about 10,000.00 US dollars.

Trying to get the money from this quite drunk compulsive gambler the manager of the club and the security demanded his ID and credit card in order to pay off the debt. But the customer acted quite aggressively, attempted to attack the security and was detained by the casino. Here is the official version we got from the casino management.

The version of the affected party who suffered from brain concussion is a little bit different from the one of the casino representatives. According to him, the debt was fully paid by his own free will, but aggressive attitude of the casino security was groundless (they beat him several times against the concrete floor).

Following two years since the incident, in 2014 the businessman filed lawsuit against the night club Marquee and Deck Entertainment LLC. Judicial examination lasted three years and the following verdict was announced: an unusually large fine which exceeds regular sums of similar cases will consist of several civil cases, namely: the lost profit of Mr. Moradi in the sum of 23,000.00 US dollars will be compensated as well as the lost tentative profit in the sum of $79,5 million; he will receive $20 million for pain and maiming injuries; for sufferings and inconveniences caused by brain concussion – $38 million.

An incredibly generous judicial verdict for the benefit of a compulsive gambler Moradi lead to several other lawsuits against Cosmopolitan Casino, because this man was not the only victim of their aggressive policy.

Not so large-scale, but quite a pleasant prize was received by a novice gambler in Bovada Casino who hit the jackpot  in the sum of $180,000.00 on the “Night with Cleo” slot.

Some Juan S. from Texas all of a sudden became one of the most successful winners of the casino. On May 4, 2017 he joined the gambling atmosphere making a deposit in the sum of $50.  Following just four hours and after several short gaming sessions he received a progressive jackpot in the sum of $179,697.00.

He was in time to use the gambling bonus from the casino, to play blackjack and to enjoy playing several slots. But as soon as a popular slot “Night with Cleo” caught his attention he made just 6 spins and received notification about the win. By tradition, did not believe it was true.

So, spending just one dollar on each spin Juan won the sum of money sufficient for 3 years of comfortable life. The gamer was thrilled with this luck  on the slot with 20 lines of payoffs  and from the casino which is now his favourite.

By the way, the slot with the most handsome Pharaoh has collected progressive jackpot in the sum of $40,000.00. Who is ready to pick it up?

That’s not all yet. We have wonderful news which will be especially interesting for card games lovers. PokerStars awarded another skilled player with another million of dollars. This is the 201st millionaire born in the virtual space of online poker-room.

The winner with the nick “nick2101983” is a resident of Russia who has been enjoying gambling for quite some time. In reality he is an assistant to captain in a trading ship, and in poker room he is a successful and advanced strategist who got to Millionaire Grand Final tournament after passing qualification tournaments such as Spin&Go: Daily Challenge and Millionaire Grand Final Daily Qualifier.



It’s pretty hard to get this tasty morsel, and it’s even more difficult to keep it in case you are in the leading positions. That’s why our hero selected the strategy called “there are no bad hands”, and while his competitors were waiting for better combination of cards, he just took the maximum from what was available.

This is how gamblers earn their millions of dollars! Which of these ways do you like most?


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