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2017 has just started, but is already marked with incredible lottery wins. Something unbelievable happened to Olga Beno living in Eastern Passage, NS, Canada.

It was back in 1989 when she had a dream in which she clearly saw a winning combination of lotterynumbers. The dream was so close to reality that since then during 27 years she has participated in lottery draws with the same combination of numbers from her “prophetic” dream.

Olga could not believe her eyes when saw “her” numbers in the jackpot combination estimated at $5,4 million. It took her one more day to make sure the win itself was not a dream, but she became 100% certain when saw the lottery results in the newspaper.

Here is how she commented on the win: “I could never imagine winning such a large sum of money. I just believed that I was born under a lucky star and kept hoping for the best. God loves me: he did not let me die of cancer 10 years ago, and now he rewarded me with this jackpot. If you ask me how I am going to spend the money, I will say I will purchase a house (I had to sell mine to cover the expenses on cancer treatment), some of the money will go to a local oncology centre, and with the rest I will help my family”.

The lottery organisers reported to the mass media that prior to the win Olga Beno resided in a tiny apartment and had significant financial issues.

Europe nowadays can also show off with New Year lottery wins. Thus, a gambler from Latvia managed to “draw” a noticeable roll in the sum of €600 euros during the first draw of EuroJackpot 2017. He was able to guess 5 winning numbers plus one bonus.

The lucky guy said that he bought a special lottery ticket for €8 good for two draws of ILoto. As in most cases, this Latvian did not even recognise how large the win was and first thought of only €600 in cash. But when he realised what happened he started making screenshots of his computer monitor and take pictures of it using his phone.

Let’s see what the winner himself said: “I have participated in different lotteries both American and European, but EuroJackpot and Viking Lotto are my favourite ones. I bet with small amounts and could not count on such a large win of €600 thousand. My maximum win so far has been €854 which by far covered all the expenses on gambling I made at that time”.

Our hero also shared how he is going to spend this easy money: “I have recently taken home mortgage, so it’s a good chance to pay it off completely. I also plan to put away the money for my children’s education. By the way, the winning jackpot combination was made of their dates of birth”.

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