Lawsuit is filed against EuroMillions for €1 000 000 paid off. What are other winner’s achievements?

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Recently it has been announced that some Jane Park from Edinburg that is considered to be the youngest British who won the jackpot in the sum of €1 million playing lottery “EuroMillions” filed lawsuit against this gambling operator reasoning it by the fact that her life was ruined after getting all this money. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

But Jane thinks differently. She states that this win just spoiled and ruined her life and she felt much better when she did not have this money. It should be mentioned that Ms. Park was 17 years old when her life changed drastically after receiving this fortune in 2013. During four years she has officially been considered a millionaire, though she thinks that the minimal age for entering the field of gambling should be 18 instead of 16 at present.

Before winning the money the girl ran a simple life of a British teenager: she resided in a 2-roomed apartment with her mother, studied and had a side job in a local store for €10 per hour. At present she is the owner of real estate items throughout the whole country and earns hundreds of thousands euros per year.

During an interview to the British mass media she reported: “I have always wanted to be rich, and for this purpose I started to actively play different lotteries. When I got the immense prize… now I realise that I wish I had not won any! I think that this win spoiled my life. Majority of my friends are jealous and are surprised why I am always deeply stressed. How do they fail to understand that material benefits that I have cannot fill in the emptiness inside me. My life seems very meaningless”.

When Jane received a cheque with the sum of the jackpot she got an opportunity to make use of the best financial consultants in the country who helped her not just save the win, but multiply it! They should have just given this girl a chance to blow off all this money…

EuroMillions representative commented on the situation: “Our company often promises to take care of the winners and to give financial advice up to the point when the gamers themselves refuse from our help which normally depends on the winner’s life circumstances.

We have a special approach to young and newly minted millionaires, and the support we provide for them is really unique. When a 17-year old Jane Park received her prize money in the sum of €1 million we invited a group of professionals who were supposed to help her overcome this – starting from announcements for the mass media and ending with financial advice regarding reasonable investments. We also provided to her contact info of our other winners who agreed to share their experience. We are very sorry that she cannot handle the wealth and can give her advice – if she cannot bear it she can spend it on charitable projects, but she should not sue us.”

So, these are a few events in the world of gambling. We on our side can only wish this wonderful girl lots of luck and her life to become meaningful again.

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