Unbelievable prize money from Marvel online slots

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During the last week-end one of the fans of online thematic slots managed to hit the jackpot on Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot in the sum of $563 thousand. There is no information about his personal data. All we know is that the game took place in the United Kingdom and became the 47th since October of 2010. It literally made the slot bankrupt.

It’s surprising, but the win appeared to be smaller than the average win which is normally $700 thousand. The maximum jackpot from Marvel is estimated at $1,4 and was hit by a Dutch gambler in 2011.

This progressive award is available for the users in many internet-casinos that have thematic Marvel slots, such as “Incredible Hulk”, “Iron Man 1”, “Iron Man 2”, “Captain America”, and others.

But the spring fever is just about to gather steam, and last week the gamblers were able to drain “Millionaire Genie” slot completely. On March 12 a user from Spain happily took an incredible jackpot in the sum of $919 thousand.

A 33-year old fan of slots commented: “This is my favourite slot, because I consider it to be the most honest among all the similar ones, because it was not just once when I managed to fill in my pockets with the prize money on its account. I won’t stop gambling after the win, but so far I would like to take a short break and to learn from poker masters in America”.

Less than 5 days since the win of the main prize Millionaire Genie made happy one more gambler on March 17. The prize money in the sum of $902 thousand fell to a Canadian gambler whose name is unknown. It’s worth mentioning that these two wins are close to each other in their size, but they are still smaller than the average Millionaire Genie Jackpot which is estimated at $2,2 million. But there is nothing to be surprised at – the prize money cannot grow up to its maximum within such a short period of time.

By the way, jackpot falls out only in case a gamer places three credits and gets three Genie pictures on one line of a slot drum.

Last Tuesday was also quite remarkable as it created one more millionaire thanks to Golden Sevens slot belonging to “Novomatic”. A gamer just opened his mobile Quasar Gaming application and started playing different slots, but the jackpot in the sum of €1,4 was presented to him by Golden Sevens.

This win became the record one for this slot launched on gambling platforms throughout the world in 2015. Gambling industry specialists pay attention to the fact that jackpots from Novomatic products vary depending on the sum of the bets placed. Judging by the size of this huge jackpot this particular gambler played for high stakes.