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A well known gambling software developer GameCo announced the launch of a new game named after a famous and popular movie “Terminator 2: Day of Judgment”. The license for using the name of the movie was provided by a French company Studio Canal Sas beginning of last winter.

Here is how the general manager for Creative Licensing commented on this: “It will be very interesting for us to offer our customers – especially classical cinematography fans – an exciting game themed on a popular movie of 1991. We will try to revitalise it in a new format when everyone could not only enjoy themselves, but also win significant prize money”.

GameCo also reported about their plans to launch some live games during 2017. The first of them “Terminator 2” will be launched in an arcade-style cabinet on VMG which will combine a console game and slots with real money.  It will be a shooter for one gamer that will let him act as a Robot T800 (the role of Schwarzenegger) for about 45-90 seconds. According to the global development director of the gaming company Rich Maryyanek, Terminator 2 is a well known movie in which numerous special effects were really appreciated as well as an interesting plot and attention-getting characters. It’s ideal for a great game which will soon be presented to all the casinos.

As we announced earlier, in 2015 there was launched SlotsMillion that was able to provide for its potential clients the atmosphere of a real casino of Las Vegas. This was achieved thanks to the equipment provided by Oculus Rift letting the clients walk through the casino halls experiencing participation effect.

This was the first integration of a virtual casino after which there was made a decision to make a more modern game version that will be launched in March of 2017. The main idea of the second generation game “SlotsMillion” was to offer the gamblers an opportunity to enjoy the games that were somehow left behind prior.

A new function “treasurers search” consists of 10-minute quests that encourage to find a specific slotand a specific game. One of the project leaders Alexander Tomich reported to the journalists: “The second game version offers more opportunities: special lights effects, paths to different games, and much more. I don’t want to show off, but we are number one in this sphere and feel a great interest to our digital virtual products. One can play SlotsMillion without special garniture, because about 50% of the users don’t like to put on any devices. But it’s ok – we are just at the beginning of a long and difficult process of embedding virtual reality”.