Buying lottery tickets with high odds of winning without even leaving your apartments. What could be better? Every lottery ticket can turn into jackpot hitting piece of paper! And the jackpot is several millions euros.

All gamblers have equal odds playing online. Computers don’t see faces and can’t define social statutes of gamblers who bought lottery tickets. Lottery ticket is just the combination of digits for computers. Random number generator doesn’t have any preferences. And it means that your odds of hitting a jackpot are real.

Surely you can increase your odds buying several tickets. Anyway your success depends on luck. It is possible that a person who bought just one ticket will hit progressive jackpot.

And don’t worry, prizes are paid! LotoTeka has been successfully working for 15 years already. The positive long lasting experience is the reason to trust the company. Therefore we can claim that LotoTeka is absolutely reliable company. All prizes have been paid since 1998.


Lototeka.com functionality

Wide range of lotteries available at LotoTeka gives the great opportunity to place good bets. In case if something goes wrong you can easily contact customer support department. There are several international phone numbers for different countries. In addition the company regularly launches promotions. You will enjoy time spent at LotoTeka and won’t get bored while waiting for your lottery draw.

Active gamblers should have a look at available options. For instance, rapid play which allows playing one bet in all draws of the month.”Intelliplay” is the way to create your own lottery rules. The reward system “LottoPoints” allows gamblers playing for free.

In addition you can use your gift certificates. Buy certificates and give them to your friends and relatives. This is the great gift!



Simple Rules

Another great advantage is that the website features detailed information about all available lotteries. There are no tricks or catches. The information is explained in simple and understandable manner. However you can also check clients’ feedback to eliminate last doubts. Some gamblers won, some gamblers lost. Anyway you will be able to make objective conclusions.

In order to buy lottery tickets you need to register. The registration process is quite simple. As soon as you have your own account, you can select number of draws to play and select your favorite and lucky numbers. They will feature in your lottery ticket.

If you don’t have any preferences regarding to numbers, you can ask random number generator does its work. The next step is to choose a payment system to pay for your tickets.

When the draw is finished, you will receive notification by e-mail. You will find all winning numbers and your prize. Don’t forget that gamblers compete for enormously large prizes. Jackpots can be up to 152 m. euros! If you win you will get your winnings almost instantly. You can withdraw your money without any extra procedures like confirmations etc. All supported payment systems can be found at lototeka.com.

Everything is extremely simple. May the Lady Luck help you!

A Window of Opportunity Won’t Open Itself! 

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