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Slots Guide

Best Slots Guide 2019

Slot games are a great way to be introduced to casino gaming. They introduce new players to the concept of wagering in the hope of achieving a favourable outcome. As an added bonus, slot games are tremendous fun. They offer fast-paced excitement but require gamers to understand only a few basic rules.

This slots guide will explain all of the most important things you need to know about video slots. Note that the principles of video slots are identical to those of mechanical slot machines. The only difference is that video software controls the game rather than physical mechanisms.

The History of Slots

Slots are an American invention that began with a rudimentary mechanical machine intended to increase bar and pub revenues. The original slot machine was a 5-drum machine that displayed cards based on common poker rules. It wasnít long before the playing cards were replaced by symbols. Along with that transition came an entirely new strategy: landing combinations of like symbols instead of forming poker hands.

The first slot machine was built in the 1890s. By the turn of the twentieth century, slot machines were appearing in bars, drug stores, bowling alleys, and brothels all across America. Slot gaming eventually migrated to Europe where it became an instant hit. Today, slots are played around the world.

Basic Strategies for Slots

If you are hoping to develop strategies for increasing your winning potential, you need to understand that slot games are completely random. Unlike poker for example, there is no way to increase your chances of winning on any particular spin because there is nothing you can control. Random number generators are used to determine the outcome of video slots.

Having said that, you can develop certain betting strategies based on the volatility of a given game. The higher the volatility, the more conservative you want to be with your wagers. Lower volatility invites higher wagers. Also note that playing at casinos that offer slots bonuses is one strategy for increasing your bankroll. A higher bankroll allows you to be more aggressive with your wagers.

Examples of Slot Bonuses

Casinos offer different kinds of slot bonuses. One of the more popular is the no deposit bonus. This is a bonus that is paid as free cash deposited into a new memberís account at the time of registration. A no deposit bonus lets you start playing immediately without depositing your own money. Other bonuses include matching deposits and free games for VIP players.

How to Find the Best Slots

The total number of slot titles now available is in the hundreds. Game developers have been producing video slots since the 1970s, so there is no shortage of great titles to choose from. The key to finding the best slots is to know what youíre looking for.

The most basic video slots offer straight play with no extra features. On the other end of the scale are games that combine standard play with features like free spins and progressive jackpots. There are some titles that have been designed around complex storylines requiring you to work your way through multiple levels in order to increase your winnings.

In the end, the best slots for you are the ones you derive the most enjoyment from. After all, thatís what itís all about. Thereís no point in playing video slots if youíre not enjoying yourself.

We hope this slots guide has given you enough information to get you started. Consider looking for an online casino that lets you play for free in demo mode. You will get to experience what video slots are like before you start wagering.

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