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Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses – Reviews and Codes

There are a lot of advantages to playing slots online instead of at a land-based casino. Among them are the many bonuses casino owners offer. Bonuses are a way to reward you for playing by giving you a little something extra. They are a way that casino owners can both encourage new memberships and show their appreciation to loyal members.

We can help you find the best casinos offering the best bonuses to online players. Note that bonuses vary from one casino to the next AND that they are regularly updated. That means there could be new bonuses available every time you play. Check in with us on a regular basis to stay abreast of who is offering what.

Here are brief descriptions of casinos offering the most popular kinds of bonuses:

Exclusive Bonus Casinos

Casinos offering exclusive bonuses are those that have worked out deals with website owners to offer special bonus codes to their members. In other words, you may have an online casino that is represented by multiple, independently owned websites acting as affiliates. The primary casino owner may offer an exclusive bonus that the affiliate sites can either accept or decline.

It is fairly common for these exclusive bonuses to be offered to customers by way of a special code. That code may facilitate free play of a particular game, or it may give the player free spins or extra credits. The thing about exclusive bonus casino codes is that there is no single format for all of them. They can be offered in whatever form the casino owner sees fit.

Sticky Bonus Casinos

Sticky bonus casinos offer their members ‘free money’ that can only be used to play. In other words, the money cannot be withdrawn. Let’s say you were to receive a sticky bonus of £500. You could play and turn that £500 into £750, for example, but you could not withdraw the original amount. You are only eligible to withdraw the £250 in winnings.

The advantage of this kind of bonus is that it gives you a bigger bankroll to play with. You can be a bit more liberal in your wagering because you are gambling the casino’s money. The hope is that it will pay off with a big win in the end.

Welcome Bonus Casinos

Casinos offering welcome bonuses are fairly common these days. Welcome bonuses are just as their name implies: they are bonuses offered to new players as a welcome gift of sorts. Welcome bonuses can be structured in a number of different ways. Some welcome bonus casinos offer them as matching bonuses (explained later in this document) or no deposit bonuses. In either way, it translates into free money.

Note that some welcome bonuses are also sticky bonuses at the same time. If you are tempted to sign up with a particular casino because of their welcome bonus, make sure you read the details. You need to know if a welcome bonus is a sticky bonus before you sign up.

Loyalty Bonus Casinos

Loyalty bonus casinos are casinos that reward loyal players with regular bonuses. More often than not, these bonuses are cash bonuses added to the loyal player’s account. However, they do not always have to be in the form of cash deposits.

There are casinos that offer loyalty bonuses represented as free spins, free games, bigger prizes, etc. Either way, the goal is the same. Casinos offer loyalty bonuses to reward members for playing at their casinos. The better the bonuses, the more loyal a casino’s members will be.

Matching Bonus Casinos

Last but not least is the matching bonus. Casinos offering these bonuses are matching member deposits one, two, or even three times. The matching bonus is one of the most popular bonuses in online gaming. The size of the matching bonus varies from one casino to the next.

A good example would be a casino that offers to match your first deposit pound-for-pound up to a certain limit. One may offer pound-for-pound up to a maximum of £100, while another might match your deposit up to a total of £500. There are casinos that offer a single matching bonus at the time of sign-up and others that offer more frequent bonuses.

Note that most matching bonuses are also sticky bonuses. You will be able to wager with the extra money, but you will only be able to withdraw the amount you win with the bonus cash. The bonus money stays with the casino. Be sure to read the details on any matching bonuses you accept.

Bonuses are the heart and soul of online gaming because they encourage new players to play. If you are looking for a great casino with attractive bonuses, be sure to check back with us often. We will keep you abreast of who is offering what at any particular time.

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