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Exclusive Bonus Casinos

Exclusive Bonus Casinos – Reviews & Codes 2019

When it comes to casino bonuses, there’s nothing quite like an exclusive bonus that you can only find on one or two sites. Exclusive bonuses are offered by way of arrangements between casino operators and website owners for the purposes of strengthening their relationships and bringing new players to the table. We are thrilled to be able to offer exclusive bonuses to our regular visitors.

You will find a number of exclusive bonuses here on the Mazal portal, bonuses you will not find elsewhere. What’s more, these bonuses change from time to time. There’s always something new and exciting to try as a regular visitor of our site, so make sure you visit regularly.

Exclusive Casino Bonuses Vs Regular Bonuses – the Differences

A lot of online casinos offer bonuses. This is nothing new. But there is a big difference between regular bonuses on virtually every casino site and exclusive bonuses found on sites like ours. The big difference is found in the word ‘exclusive’.

Exclusive bonuses are made available through special arrangements between casino operators and select website owners. Only those website owners partnering with that casino’s bonus program have access to them. The bonuses are accessible through codes provided by the casino owner to its partners. Without those codes, and the websites attached to them, the bonuses are not available.

A standard bonus might be offered by either a casino or a website completely independently. It is a bonus you can find on just about any online casino with very few exceptions. They are all good bonuses, but they are generally not worth as much in terms of value. Exclusive bonuses are different. They have a higher value because they are not available everywhere.

Types of Exclusive Casino Bonuses

There are several different types of exclusive casino bonuses you can find online. The three most common are the welcome, loyalty, and no deposit bonuses. Each one is explained in greater detail below. We recommend searching out these exclusive bonuses if you are looking for a site or two you might want to join.

Welcome Bonuses

Offering a welcome bonus is pretty standard in the online casino business. Welcome bonuses are used as enticements to encourage new players to play. Sometimes they are offered as a straight-up deposit while other times they might be a matching deposit. In either case, the welcome bonus rewards new players for signing up as members of the site by giving them extra cash to play with.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are designed to reward regular players who stick with the same sites over long periods of time. Just like welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses can take many forms. The most common form of loyalty bonus is a cash deposit made into the player’s account on a regular schedule or after that player reaches certain milestones.

Loyalty bonuses can be offered in ways other than cash deposits as well. For example, a casino might offer free games, free spins, or extra rich prizes to its most loyal players. Some people consider this to be the most exciting part of the loyalty bonus because they never quite know what will be offered next.

No Deposit Bonuses

Last is the no deposit bonus. This type of bonus encourages new players to begin playing without wagering their own money. A casino that offers this sort of bonus makes a small, one-time deposit into the player’s account on sign up. The player can then immediately start playing with the casino’s money. This sort of exclusive bonus is a way to introduce new players to a casino without requiring them to take any financial risk.

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