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Free Keno

Everything You Need to Know about FREE Keno

Sometimes you are interested in playing casino games, but online slots and roulette are just not appealing. Thankfully, the world of online gambling has grown so substantially that there are lots of opportunities to play a full variety of games. Keno is but one example. Better yet, you can play FREE keno on many sites.

Playing for free does come with its benefits, some of which will be discussed in this article. But first, an introduction is necessary for those readers unfamiliar with keno. This is a rather unique game and one not always associated with casino gambling. It is also a game with a very loyal audience worldwide.

The Basics of Keno

Perhaps the best way to look at Keno is to compare it to a lottery game. When you play the lottery, you choose certain numbers that you hope will be called when the draw actually takes place. You also place some money on those numbers; if your numbers come up, you win. Keno is very similar.

An official Keno game offers 80 numbers to work with. Players choose up to 20 of those numbers before the start of the next game. They also place their bets at the same time. As the numbers come up, players are rewarded for matching some of their numbers to those called. And just like a lottery game, payouts differ based on how many numbers the player guesses correctly.

Online casinos offer different payouts for keno. They also offer a variety of bonuses intended to entice players to play. Therefore, it pays to shop around. Savvy players will look for no registration keno, FREE keno, and even no download keno opportunities to find one they really like.

Benefits of FREE Keno

Moving on to playing keno for free, let’s talk about those benefits previously alluded to. The first and most obvious benefit is the opportunity to enjoy great keno action without betting real money. This is certainly an attractive way to play without risking financial loss.

Perhaps you are questioning the wisdom of this benefit, given the fact that the point of casino gambling is to place bets. Fair enough. But there are players who enjoy casino games even without betting. It’s a lot like playing bingo with a group of friends around the kitchen table. It is not about the money per se; it’s about the enjoyment of the game.

Next is the benefit of being able to familiarise yourself with keno before you bet. The fundamental rules of keno are the same from one game to the next, but certain casinos may add their own twists to make it more interesting. Being able to play for free allows you to familiarise yourself with that casino’s particular variation.

Here are a few additional benefits of FREE keno:

You never have to worry about losing money
With no download keno, you can play directly from your browser
With no registration keno, you do not have to join a casino to play
If you decide you don’t like the keno game, there’s no feeling like you’re locked in until you earn back what you’ve lost.

To make FREE keno work, casinos provide you with a virtual bankroll that exists only as numbers on your screen. That is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that any losses are not real because you are not playing with your own money. It is bad in the sense that winning big only gives you the satisfaction of doing so. You still don’t get any real money out of the deal.

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