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Free Slots Reviews

Free Slot Game Reviews & Ratings 2019

Have you ever wanted to play video slots without having to travel to a land-based casino or make a deposit with an online casino? Well, you can. There are plenty of online casinos that offer free slot play in either demo or free mode.

Why would online casinos do this? They offer free slot play as a way of introducing slot gaming to new players in the hope that those players will eventually become casino members. Despite their ultimate goal however, casinos offering free slot play typically do so with no obligation.

How Free Play Works

Video slot games played in free or demo mode operate the same way as paid games. Also note that players have access to the very same titles as casino members. The only difference between free play and deposit-based play is that the former involves no money. You are simply playing for fun.

Free or demo play typically starts with a certain number of credits assigned to the game. Let’s say you start with 1,000 credits, for example. There is no real money behind those credits; it is just a number on the screen that allows you to play the game. You make your wagers, spin the reels, and wait a few seconds to see if you’ve won. You can keep playing until all of your credits run out.

5 Advantages of Free Slots

We have already discussed why online casinos offer free slots, now it is time to talk about why you should play them. There are numerous advantages to doing so:

  • Game Familiarisation – Video slot games are evolving all the time. Today’s modern games barely resemble first-generation video slots from the 1980s. As such, free gaming allows you to familiarise yourself with all sorts of games. This is important because, while slot games are all designed around the same basic principles, there are plenty of rule variations by title.

  • Trying New Titles – Free video slots offer the opportunity to try out new titles before you actually place money on them. This is helpful for players who prefer a certain level of volatility or look for certain kinds of bonus features in the video slots they choose to play.

  • Developing Betting Strategies – Although video slots are truly random in nature, some players develop betting strategies based on game volatility. But in order to develop such a strategy, you have to play. Free play offers the opportunity to play long enough to come up with a strategy without risking any money.

  • Risk Free Learning – Learning how video slots work is not difficult, but it does take time and practice. Free play allows for risk-free learning. The new gamer can spend as much time as he or she wants learning all the ins and outs of slot gaming in general, and specific titles in particular.

  • Limitless Entertainment – There are those online gamers not really interested in depositing any money. For whatever reason, they have an aversion to risking money on video slots. That’s fine. Free play still offers limitless entertainment that gamers can enjoy whenever they have the urge to play.

Most free online slot games do not come with any time limits or feature restrictions. Again, the only difference is that the player is not wagering any actual money. However, there are exceptions to the rule. You may find some casinos place restrictions on the amount of free play allowed. You might also find that some bonus features are limited when playing free games. These are the type of things you will just have to discover as you go along.

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