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High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos 2019 Guide UK – Reviews & Ratings

Long before online casinos were even a possibility, there were high rollers making good money playing games at land-based casinos. High rollers are well respected among casino operators due to the amount of money they spend. Today’s high rollers are found playing at both land-based casinos and online. Behind the glitz and glamour that we see in high rollers at brick and mortar casinos, there is a potent element of risk with the high-stakes gaming they engage in. For this reason, it is generally reserved only for the extremely wealthy of society.

The general principle of the high roller is the same regardless of where he or she plays. A high roller is a gambler who typically places larger wagers compared to the average player. The difference between online high rollers and their land-based counterparts is the size of their wagers in comparison to what everyone else is betting. The online variety is far more accessible for the average player, as you will see.

Traditional Versus Online High Rollers

A traditional high roller who plays at land-based casinos may bring a bankroll of several hundred thousand pounds when he/she visits the casino. That same high roller is not afraid of losing every penny brought to the table. Such players are typically millionaires whose gaming is more of a hobby than anything else. Their annual income can easily be in the millions.

An online high roller deals in much smaller amounts. This is possible because high roller status is determined by a person’s wagers in comparison to everyone else in that same environment. And because online gamers are much more likely to wager small amounts (i.e., £1-£5 per wager) it doesn’t take a lot of money to establish someone as a high roller.

Let’s say the average player in a particular online casino wagers no more than £5 per bet. Someone who comes in and wagers 20 times that amount, or £100, would be considered a high roller. His or her bets are significantly higher than what the average player is wagering.

When you consider the perks of being considered a high roller, it is easy to see why there are online gamers willing to wager such high amounts. That still does not explain the million-dollar high rollers that throw money around at land-based casinos, though.

Exclusive High Roller Benefits

Casinos try to stay away from the ‘high roller’ terminology. Instead, they refer to their most lucrative players as VIPs. These players get the VIP treatment in every sense of the word. Here are some of the benefits of being a VIP at a high roller casino:

Exclusive Promotions – High roller casinos offer exclusive promotions to their VIP players. Promotions might include bonus deposits, free games, higher prize amounts, and access to games that other players cannot play.

Special Events – VIP players are sometimes invited to special events exclusive only to them. An example of a special event is a one-off game played behind a password-protected firewall. A VIP would have to be invited to play, as no information is published on the casino’s website.

Faster Withdrawals – High roller casinos frequently give their VIPs faster access to their money. They can withdraw almost instantly, where other players might have to wait a bit.

Dedicated Customer Service – High rollers often enjoy dedicated customer service representatives who deal only with VIP players. They may have a dedicated phone number to call, a separate ticketing system, or even a link to an otherwise hidden chat room.

If you want to be a high roller at land-based casinos you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money every time you play. Thankfully though, you can be an online high roller without having such a large bankroll. If you routinely make wagers that are significantly higher than what the average player is betting, do not be too surprised to receive a VIP invitation from your casino.

Promotions might include:

  • Bonus deposits - high rollers will generally deposit larger amounts, so they can usually expect to receive either an increased percentage bonus than a regular player or push the amount of bonus up to a level appropriate for the amount deposited. This is part of the VIP treatment, and the bonus a player will receive is likely to increase in line with their status. High rollers, of course, get the most.
  • Free games - As an extra motivator, and also to show appreciation for their participation as a high roller, online casinos will sometimes offer free games to their biggest spenders.
  • Higher prize amounts - By providing high rollers with higher table limits, like a brick and mortar casino would, the prize amounts are naturally increased as well. This encourages players to stake higher amounts, with the increased risk level adding a new dimension of excitement and the potential winnings tickling the taste buds.

Special events

Special events vary from slots to poker to blackjack, but they are usually free and only available to an exclusive group of players. It's a way to ensure high rollers get some winnings without giving them handouts and motivates them to keep playing the way only a high roller can. It also helps elevate their VIP status further.

Dedicated customer service

VIP team members at high roller casinos are trained to provide a high-quality level of care for VIP clientele, and they generally have more authority than general customer service reps. Of course, you should expect all online casinos to deliver an excellent level of customer support, but the VIP staff each provide a personal service to a handful of high roller clients.

And with all the perks that come with VIP status, it truly pays to be a high roller in the world of online casinos. Just remember that gaming, even in online high roller casinos, is supposed to be fun - don't push yourself beyond your means just to achieve VIP status.

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